Refurbish Parliament or house 1/3 of the homeless?

Research has revealed matching the cost of planned Palace of Westminster repairs could dramatically reduce the UK housing deficit. Data examined by property finance specialists Pure Commercial Finance revealed for £4bn – the estimated cost of essential repairs in Westminster – over... View Article

Part L’s role in delivering sustainable dwellings

Phil Kelly, Head of Sustainability and Building Physics, Ramboll The definition of a sustainable home is subjective. Low energy, net-zero carbon, healthy, comfortable; all these metrics play a part, but market incentives and legislative drivers typically fail to consider them... View Article

Critical gas for heat pumps

The decarbonisation of UK heat has never been higher on the agenda. Whilst no single can serve as a sole solution to the climate crisis, it is widely agreed that heat pumps will play a significant role in the battle... View Article

Radon: The Silent Killer

David Bowen, CTO and Founder, Logicor It might have passed you by, but UK Radon Awareness Week took place earlier this month. The campaign, run by the UK Radon Association, seeks to increase the general public’s understanding about the risk... View Article

Cromar acquires Acrypol

Cromar Building Products Ltd are pleased to announce their acquisition of Acrypol Products Ltd. This is the first acquisition for the East Yorkshire Company that turns over £27 million, and by acquiring the ‘original’ waterproofing repair brand this is going... View Article

Housebuilders can navigate the nation toward EV adoption

Simon McWhirter, Head of Engagement, Active Building Centre Increasing electric car sales have dominated the UK news agenda, capturing the imagination of the national media and highlighting that we are on the cusp of a sea change for business and... View Article

Granite & TREND Transformations celebrates 15 years in the UK

Granite & TREND Transformations UK, known for its kitchen and bathroom transformations using high-quality, sustainable materials, is celebrating 15 years of business. The company, which started out in Perth, Australia in 1996, has expanded globally, with the UK business established... View Article

NHBC launch new Standards for UK housebuilders

NHBC has launched the 2020 edition of its technical Standards The new Standards will be effective for every new home covered by an NHBC warranty, where foundations are begun on or after 1 January 2020. NHBC’s dedicated standards team have... View Article

World Toilet Day – Tuesday, 19 November

Annual World Toilet Day may spawn many jokes and can be a haven of comedy for all of us that take sanitation for granted. But behind the hilarity is a serious initiative that we all should all aspire to support.... View Article

The biggest rental trend in 2020

The Private Rented Sector is one of the fast-growing markets in housing, and now accounts for over 4.5 million households in the UK, an increase of 63 per cent (1.6 million) from 2007. In times of rising house prices and... View Article