Parkhaus Interiors – a Keller Kitchens retailer leading the way

Tim Spann at Keller Kitchens speaks to Scott Craig, Director of ParkHaus Interiors

When choosing a new kitchen, the process should be totally stress-free for the customer who, obviously, looks forward to working with a friendly team which is experienced, knowledgeable and enthusiastic. Of course, style, layout, colours, gadgets and all the other wish list items are just as important but the relationship must be great in the first place. ParkHaus Interiors is one retailer who answers these demands – and more!

ParkHaus Interiors first opened the doors of the Glasgow-based showroom in January 2017 and has been thriving ever since. The 1,000 sq ft space is split into two levels – the top floor is used as a client presentation area while the ground floor is where the kitchen studio houses the displays. ParkHaus deals exclusively with Keller Kitchens and has done since the very beginning. There are four fully-plumbed, fully-operational and fully-stocked Keller displays – even the dishwasher works! This gives the customer a glimpse into what the kitchen will look like in their own environment as it feels like it’s set in a home already. Like a car – it’s good to test drive a kitchen first!

Scott Craig, Director of ParkHaus Interiors, explains to us that he only deals exclusively with one brand per product – sinks, taps, kitchens, appliances – with a wide variety of choice in each portfolio. Due to this focus on specific brands, Scott and his 22 team members are supremely well-educated in the technology of the products and the benefits of the brands in general.  For example, they know the Keller brochure inside-out as well as the 1,950 NSC colour choice on offer!

The kitchen specialists at ParkHaus Interiors provide an end-to-end service and project manage every job they take on – not matter what size. They complete the process with a full demonstration on every product installed along with a deep clean of the entire kitchen space so it’s ready to go the second the customer is home.

ParkHaus Interiors does not advertise; 95% of their work is referral. Actually, the first person to walk through the showroom doors on the day they opened in 2017 had a kitchen installed later that year and has since gone on to have their utility and bedroom redesigned by the company. The team looks after their customers from the second someone jumps on the live chat on to way after the kitchen has been installed and the six-week follow-up is complete. Scott hosts two client events a year where a chef cooks delicious food in one of the Keller kitchens; this gives the customer a chance to ask any questions they have.

Scott explains how he chose Keller in the first place,

“After always using German products, we hadn’t considered anyone else. Yet, when Keller approached us and then invited us out to the showroom and factory in Bergen Op Zoom, I was sold! The kitchens are so beautifully made and I was so impressed with what they had on offer and how it was displayed. I had the contract signed before I even landed back in the UK!”

“After all of these years the handleless kitchen stays the most popular kitchen design with ParkHaus Interiors customers – by a mile! Tone in tone is another popular trend right now. We’ve installed several black-on-black kitchens recently and these are really stunning but we’re now seeing a real move towards the use of colour and texture. Clients are becoming quite adventurous with their colour pallete allowing them to express their unique personality and style. Smart taps are fitted in pretty much every kitchen we install.”

The pandemic has obviously affected how the business operates. Within two weeks of closing in March 2020, ParkHaus looked at their online capabilities – like all retailers!  The website is much more user-friendly now, downloadable brochures have been added and there is a useful live chat function which goes straight to the Scott’s phone, wherever he is. Within 5-6 weeks of online trading, ParkHaus had sold the first kitchen without meeting the customer face-to-face and without the customer touching any samples. Elements of this new way of working have continued even with the showroom doors back open. The team still develops the initial design and site visits are in person now; but the design development and presentations are Zoomed now – and the customers love it!

The future is bright for ParkHaus Interiors as the team plans to expand into the contract market. Scott will start to look for space for a second showroom in the next 18 months.

Keller is well known for offering the widest range of colours and finishes in the kitchen furniture market – as well as developing different cabinet sizes and colours and has been carbon neutral since 2017.

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