Dedicate more space to the kitchen with Keller

The Keller team creates kitchens of all shapes, styles, colours and sizes so, when the 2024 UK Houzz kitchen report was published, it was welcomed! Houzz discovered that homeowners are dedicating more space to their new kitchen and utility room in a renovation project.

The kitchen has always been the centre of the home where cooking, eating, entertaining and schoolwork happen. Keller offers a range of kitchen styles to suit most homes and the choice of 2050 colours – and many other variables such as finishes, handles, textures, glass, lighting – allows the homeowner to create a space that is personal and unique to them.

Below are facts from the recent Houzz survey of nearly 500 UK homeowners about recent or planned kitchen renovation projects.

  • Among renovating homeowners, 71% reconfigure the kitchen’s layout.
  • A quarter of homeowners increased the total size of the room by more than half of the original size (25%).
  • More than two in five homeowners make their kitchen more open to nearby rooms as part of their renovations (45%) and a third opt for a completely open-plan design with no wall separations (33%).
  • Kitchens are becoming more open to the outdoors (46%), most often via a set of double doors or a row of doors (39%). Such as the Urban Nude kitchen pictured above.

The company is very proud to be the first Carbon Neutral kitchen manufacturer (since 2017) and is now on the way to becoming Carbon Negative.

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