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Buyers are looking at properties differently nowadays, says Tim Spann of Keller Kitchens – desiring multi-functional kitchen spaces that work for the whole family. Bearing this in mind, he discusses trends and functionalities to consider.

Every year brings a new set of trends. Whether it’s fashion, cars, exercise or kitchens, there is always something new, and, after a tumultuous couple of years, people are looking to utilise the space in their home to full effect.

Choice and flexibility are now needed when a homeowner is considering a new kitchen. The customer is looking for interesting colour and material combinations, and there are endless possibilities in terms of design, space and technology available today.


The ‘norm’ is no longer desirable – homeowners want their kitchen to stand out among others. Having the standard cabinet size is now not enough for some as they need that extra space, for example – perhaps choosing to have an XXL cabinet to facilitate the larger family.

Not everyone wants to have closed doors on their cabinets, so there are further options to have open display units or add a smoked glass door. More and more properties are now featuring shelves and smart-cubes or open wall units in the likes of black aluminium – as opposed to wall units with closed doors.

Ultra-matt kitchens, with different cabinet colour options, recently rose in popularity, and they are here to stay. The material looks sleek, and it’s easy to clean.


Choosing a material for a kitchen door is the first step, depending on the budget – after that, the colour can be considered, as most colours come in most finishes with today’s more flexible manufacturers. The cabinet front colours are obviously the most striking points in a kitchen scheme, so making sure the right colour, or colours, is chosen for the room is essential.

This all depends on the room itself – is it small and naturally dark with not a lot of daylight? If so, you could choose a brighter shade to give the illusion that the room is larger than it actually is. Larger rooms can get away with a deep navy or even a striking black shade. Kitchens tend to follow other trends such as paint colours for walls. Dark was the latest trend we saw – from statement walls in the living room to kitchen cabinet doors – everyone wanted that deep shade in their homes!

Natural wood is another classic trend that will never stray. Wood effect finishes are very popular right now, especially when used with contrasting colours and materials. To get the full effect, contrast a warm oak finish with a dark shade for the handleless rail profiles, sink and tap, for example.

Wood effects for kitchens are enduring, offering reassuring warmth and charm standing the test of time. The new generation of faux wood finishes are stunning. The 3D depth of grain with shade, light and detail is so close to the real thing, it really is hard for the untrained eye to tell the difference. However, the wood effect finish offers the distinct advantages of price and durability. With a smaller budget, you can emulate the natural look with a considerable reduction in price; and with a product that will take the knocks and bumps of family kitchen life without the damage that may occur to softer natural materials.


We cannot sweep over the fact that our homes are used completely differently now compared to one year ago. We now sleep, eat, work, home-school and exercise under the one roof. Creating a multi-functional hub to accommodate all of those things is essential.

A large island for your kitchen can also be used for the children when doing schoolwork or simply as a home office for those that don’t have the luxury of a spare room they can convert.


Lighting is a factor that has to be considered too. It can be added almost anywhere in the kitchen – inside cabinets, drawers or underneath the overhead cabinets or shelves. People also choose kitchen lighting for the aesthetic appeal as well as functionality – choosing different colours and settings.

Making sure the kitchen has the latest high-tech gadgets and appliances is also key. Installing a hot tap so cooking dinner or even making a cup of tea is easier. Or installing charging pads for your mobile phone and smart devices can eliminate the arguments as to where the chargers are. The kitchen is now a meeting hub for all members of the family and somewhere where everyone wants to be – even if there’s no cooking happening.

Tim Spann is national sales manager UK at Keller Kitchens.