Cause for alarm

Adrian Keats of Honeywell provides advice on the options available when choosing fire alarms, and where best to site them – in the context of what he believes is a dangerous level of misunderstanding currently in the market. Despite ever-evolving... View Article

Are you covered?

Janine Brady of SIG Roofing explains the importance of finding the right roofing product, with the right guarantees. The choice of roof covering for a new home is critical. It not only affects the appearance of the property, it also... View Article

PVC: The right fit for cladding

Innovations in PVC cladding make the material a strong contender against more traditional building products, some of which remain in short supply. Freefoam Building Products explains the material’s performance, maintenance and aesthetic benefits. After the economic downturn in 2008, the... View Article

Access to the future

With multigenerational living on the rise, UK homes must be designed to support the varying needs of residents with a range of ages and abilities. Daniel Ward of Twyford explains how. Modern homes need to deliver on a number of... View Article

Timber to composite – the evolution of building materials

Although timber is a fundamental material in residential and commercial building projects, common issues such as rot, splintering and discolouration can be a concern for housebuilders and developers. With many now looking for innovative alternatives that have the longevity to... View Article

Play it safe

Homeowners looking to move will usually consider the safety and security of a neighbourhood above many other factors. In the light of this, Anthony Neary of discusses the importance of specifying home security in new builds. UK Crime Statistics... View Article

Peace and quiet

Phil Brown of Pilkington explores the reasons why filtering out noise pollution is becoming more important for homeowners and renters. Insulating building interiors against noise is a necessity for many new commercial builds like airports, city offices, bars and restaurants.... View Article

Get in line

Sam Hayes of Fernox explores the benefits of incorporating an in-line filter on new build central heating systems. When looking to purchase a property, there are a multitude of factors that influence potential new homeowners’ decisions. These range from the... View Article

Our brown and pleasant land

Will Allen of ACO explains why, given the in-depth specification needs that are associated with brownfield remediation, sound awareness of the surface water management criteria that must be met is essential to an effective and successful planning application. Green belt... View Article

The Great British Build-Off: Mitigating supply pressures

Lisa Richardson, glass mineral wool product manager at Knauf Insulation, discusses how the housebuilding industry can reduce the impact of product shortages in a time of political uncertainty. The construction industry is no stranger to product shortages. They’ve hamstrung the... View Article

UK Construction Week: The event of the year

If there’s one event that should be a must-attend in the calendar of any built environment professional, it’s UK Construction Week (UKCW). For the third year in a row, the mammoth event will be held at the Birmingham NEC from... View Article

Building on last year’s success

The Build Show 2017, sponsored by Easy-Trim, is the largest of the nine shows taking place as part of UK Construction Week at the Birmingham NEC from 10 – 12 October. Already recognised as the benchmark exhibition for the building... View Article

Brick by brick

Jason Hughes of Imperial Bricks tracks the resurgence in the use of handmade bricks in the market. Following a tough few years, the UK brick industry is experiencing a resurgence. Brick stocks hit a record low of 323 million October... View Article

On another level

Brian Davison of Delta Membrane Systems delves into the benefits of including a basement in a property, and advises on how to prevent water damage. When asked in what type of house you would usually find a basement, the average... View Article

New age bathrooms

Martin Walker of Methven UK considers the role played by technology and design in the creation of usable bathrooms for the country’s ageing population. Thanks to better healthcare and advancements in technology, the UK’s population is living longer. While this... View Article

Plastic: not just a pipe dream

Richard Eddy of Polypipe offers advice on the best way to specify and use plastic-based systems on brownfield development sites. This year, the housing crisis has been high on the news agenda, following the release of the Government’s highly anticipated... View Article

Tapping into the market

Chris Tranter of Bristan explains how focusing on homeowners’ needs when it comes to bathroom products can help towards a house purchase. A new home isn’t just a financial investment for consumers – it can be a huge emotional attachment... View Article

Fast recovery

Martin Passingham of Daikin UK explores how a 960 mm parapet wall nearly ruined air conditioning plans for a listed five-storey house in Hyde Park, London. Balancing comfort requirements against the practical and logistical realities of installing an air conditioning... View Article

Set in stone, on a budget

Chilstone Architectural Stonework dispels the myth that incorporating stonework into a development is a costly and time-consuming process. Replacing damaged or crumbling stonework can be tricky, and adding stonework details to a property can prove costly. Not only do you... View Article

Smarten up

As smart home systems enter the mainstream, Dean Reddy of ABB advises housebuilders what to look for when considering smart building technology. Home automation is growing rapidly in popularity. A recent study by management consultancy McKinsey found that the global... View Article