A trail of smoke

With a greater awareness of the dangers of fire on site, the updating of legislation and several high-profile incidents, Paul Henson of Ramtech Electronics predicts that this year will be seen as a turning point in the construction industry’s approach... View Article

The long-term solution

John McAuliffe discusses the necessity of BIM when working on brownfield land, and explains why such technologies are crucial to the success of the UK construction industry. Brownfield land is fundamental to addressing the UK’s housing crisis due to its... View Article

A bridge too far

Andrew Orriss of SIG360 discusses how thermal bridging has impacted the thermal performance of some new build homes and how the industry has been working to mitigate that risk. Andrew Orriss of SIG360 discusses how thermal bridging has impacted the... View Article

Bills are down on the farm

Owners of holiday cottages in Yorkshire are benefitting from lucrative RHI payments for a new renewable heating installation. HBD reports. Steve Holtby and Elaine Robinson have purchased multiple ground source heat pump units over the years to provide heating and... View Article

Managing the condensation risk: solid walls

As the Government strives to improve energy efficiency in the UK housing stock, existing methods of predicting condensation do not resolve problems with upgrading solid walls. HBD reports on a new software solution. The current housing stock in the UK... View Article

Cementing our past and future

From the ancient world to the present day, Kim Barton of IMS Consulting (Europe) explains why concrete is the most commonly used material in construction, and how it can be made more sustainable in future. Cementing materials have been used... View Article

Waking up to the benefits of SIPs

Chris Duckworth of SIP Build UK discusses the slowly rising trends of using SIPs and off-site construction, and ponders why it’s taking the industry so long to adopt this effective method. It’s not that long ago that the recession left... View Article

Safe, secure and sustainable

Paul Garlick of Mobilane looks at the challenge of installing boundaries that satisfy safety and security requirements, as well as being eco-friendly. In an ideal world perhaps we wouldn’t need walls and fences. People (and animals) would simply appreciate where... View Article

Choose high efficiency insulation, naturally

Duncan Voice from Insulation Superstore looks at the reasons why construction specifiers are increasingly investing in the benefits of eco insulation products. Green building is not only a wise choice for future environmental sustainability; it is also an essential choice.... View Article

Smart looks, smart operation

The ‘wow’ factor can be achieved in new homes combined with cost-effective smart lighting and audio control to provide the best of both worlds for developers. One company is realising the benefits in several new schemes. Smart controls and home... View Article

A classic blend of old and new

As real cast iron can be expensive and time consuming to work with, Hayley Lowry of Brett Martin Plumbing and Drainage explains how an efficient and economical alternative is fast becoming a key requirement for housebuilders. When it comes to... View Article

Step up your interiors

Paul Martin from stairparts specialist Richard Burbidge discusses how selecting the correct stairparts can add real impact to the entrance of a property. When it comes to interiors, installing a show-stopping bathroom or kitchen may be high on the list... View Article

What’s next for our air?

This year is the 60th anniversary of the Clean Air Act, which made a huge impact on smog and air pollution levels in our cities. How will we ensure the air we breathe is clean in the future? Jennifer Quinn... View Article

High energy efficiency for high-rise flats

SenerTec’s Gary Stoddart explains the role that combined heat and power (CHP) can play in increasingly popular new build communal heating schemes. In communal heating schemes (sometimes referred to as community heating, district heating or heat networks), heat is supplied... View Article

Flooring is the foundation

Adrian Crow of Insulslab explains the theory behind delivering a foundation up to finished floor level – and how this can pay dividends from both a commercial and performance perspective. While the flooring package is traditionally treated as a separate... View Article

Free your build from the water trap

Tim Wootton of Wavin explains how compact alternatives to traditional water traps can provide the practical answers while enhancing design freedom for housebuilders in kitchens and bathrooms. The needs of modern housing developments can present a range of challenges to... View Article

Boundless possibilities

Lisa Zebiche from C. R. Laurence, suppliers of frameless shower enclosures, describes how achieving open, light spaces for showering can be achieved in a far wider range of developments. Whether the property concerned is a large country pad or a... View Article

A lofty solution to make the most of space, easily

By Martin Shave, Domestic Business Development Manager for Protan, a leading manufacturer of roofing and construction membranes. One sure thing in the housebuilding industry is that land is a finite resource. Thus, we are now seeing a prevalence in building... View Article

Industrial evolution

Offering a combination of a subtle profile, strength and thermal performance, steel-framed windows are the answer for achieving design freedom with classic industrial style in residential builds. Ellice Bateman reports. Steel framed windows have been around for many decades, but... View Article

Foundations of efficiency

Housebuilders hunting for cost-efficient methods of constructing foundations can overlook established building materials which also offer speed and effectiveness. Cliff Fudge, technical director at H+H explains how lightweight aircrete blocks have been providing practical and financial benefits for decades. Aircrete... View Article