Making builders licenced

For a profession which affects so many people’s lives, arguably more than most others, the housebuilding industry is a strikingly under-regulated one. Doctors have a distinctly profound effect on their clients, namely (normally) improving how their bodies function. With such... View Article

The big question about climate change

The real question to ask about climate change is not whether it’s a problem or how bad it is, but what are you, and/or your company you work for going to do about it? Following the successfully headline-grabbing Extinction Rebellion... View Article

Upward trend for wooden hi-rise

Until recently, there was a growing movement in the UK to build tall buildings using timber. There are ancient Chinese timber pagodas which are many storeys high, but going tall with timber is something the western world has struggled to... View Article

Plan for 283 council homes moves ahead

The biggest council house building programme in Aberdeen in more than half a century took another major step forward today as plans progressed for 283 new homes. First Endeavour LLP is set to deliver the housing units at Wellheads Road... View Article

No Cabinet consistency for construction, says FMB

Sarah McMonagle, Director of Communications at the Federation of Master Builders (FMB), said: “The slate couldn’t have been wiped any cleaner when it comes to the PM’s new Cabinet. Not one single Secretary of State or Minister who the construction... View Article

Construction sector loses patience with Brexit indecision

The markets’ patience with Brexit related indecision appears to be wearing thin, as the results of the Q2 2019 RICS Construction and Infrastructure Market Survey shows output growth accelerating, and workload and employment expectations gathering pace for the year ahead.... View Article