Vicaima Fire Doors: Safety and Innovation in harmony

In the realm of fire safety, Vicaima has established itself as a leading manufacturer of fire doors, setting new standards in the industry. With a commitment to quality and performance, Vicaima has consistently demonstrated its ability to produce fire doors... View Article

Navigating the path to buy-to-rent financing

Peter Wade of specialist development finance lender BLG sheds light on what developers need to know when looking to access buy-to-rent financing. Build to Rent (BtR) is increasing with record growth last year despite the economic headwinds. In part, this... View Article

Compelling reasons to encourage retrofit first

David Connacher, Marketing Manager at West Fraser, discusses the immediate need to retrofit our buildings to make them energy efficient and sustainable. The need to retrofit our buildings through improvements that make them energy efficient and sustainable into the future... View Article

Raising the standard for roofing in 2025

Lisa Grosse of Cedral discuss the impact the Future Homes Standard could have on current facade and roofing trends when introduced next year Discussions around sustainability, futureproofing and a fabric first approach, which have been taking place across construction generally,... View Article

Prioritising electrical safety

In recent years there has been a huge shift in how we use our homes. More of us are working from home, we’re becoming reliant on smart technology and systems, and we’re electrifying with EV charging and heat pumps. All... View Article

SFA Inlet and Outlet Headwalls

We have just launch a new section to our website for SFA Inlet and Outlet headwalls All of our Sewers for Adoption (SFA) headwalls fully comply with the Design and Construction Guidance for foul and surface water sewers offered for adoption... View Article

Upgrade your efficiency with the Bosch MeasureOn App

Your Digital Solution: Error Free Transfer of Measurements The Bosch MeasureOn App helps save time when measuring, documenting, and calculating area, volume, etc. Benefit from a high degree of flexibility and process your data anywhere on all your smart devices.... View Article

Economic benefit

Patrick Mooney, housing consultant and news editor of Housing, Management & Maintenance magazine says the social housing market is in the doldrums, after a Budget which missed the opportunity for wider economic stimulus. The domestic housing market is a notoriously... View Article

The importance of backing apprenticeships

As the sector battles an unprecedented shortfall in skilled workers, Tom Dwyer, group production director at Keepmoat discusses how apprenticeships are being embraced to fill the current gap, which amounts to an 30,000 extra construction professionals needed by 2026. I began... View Article

Flush technology and ceramics in perfect harmony

  the past 150 years, Geberit has developed innovative solutions and products at the cutting edge of technology, optimising the entire water circuit from the cistern to the WC and into the discharge pipe. However, the Geberit WC system with... View Article