Pipe and fire sprinkler boxing made simple by UK Boxings

UK Boxings’ pipe & fire sprinkler boxing and boiler casings have been used for more than 20 years by social housing contractors, local authorities and housing associations across the UK, to conceal all types of plumbing services including fire sprinkler... View Article

A place for everything with SterlingOSB Zero

Like many of us today, Edinburgh-based joiner John Penny was planning a space of his own at the bottom of the garden. But, what started life as a “man-cave”, ended up a valuable spraying studio allowing John the space to... View Article

Signed, sealed, delivered

A sealant’s role in the quality finish of any new home Although a seemingly minute aspect of a new build project, sealants actually have a major role to play.  Used in a wide range of applications, from pipes to windows,... View Article

CaberDek flooring and PYC Construction – a perfect partnership

Welsh passive housebuilder, PYC Construction naturally selects high quality timber products to create low energy, high performance homes. A fine example of the company’s sustainable buildings is a bespoke two-storey house with vaulted ceilings which is under construction in Nesscliffe,... View Article

New Research Highlights Offsite Opportunities for Housebuilders

Kingspan Insulation has published a new whitepaper with research from leading consultants, Currie & Brown, showing that structural insulated panels (SIPs) can cut housebuilding timescales by up to 26% when compared with masonry approaches, providing overall cost savings of as... View Article

The importance of properly constructed cavities

The introduction of the Domestic Minimum Energy Efficiency Standard (MEES) in 2018 means all new homes must adhere to a minimum-level of energy efficiency. A positive move from the UK government, over the last couple of years it has led... View Article

SIMONSWERK UK Announce a New London Showroom

SIMONSWERK UK are delighted to announce we will be opening a London showroom at 45 Great Sutton Street in the heart of Clerkenwell. Conveniently located right in the heart of London’s design district. The UK is a key market for... View Article

Firestopping of Service Penetrations: A new best practice guide

To assist in the design, specification and installation of building services penetrations to ensure fire compartmentation is maintained, five leading not-for-profit  organisations have launched a Best Practice Design and Installation Guide, Firestopping of Service Penetrations. The aim of the guide... View Article

PROTIM® Timber Protection

Pressure treated to resist insect attack and decay fungi PROTIM® products from Koppers represent a range of low pressure and canned products for the protection of construction and joinery timbers. The PROTIM technology is tried and tested with a proven... View Article

Norbord’s dedication to sustainable forestry

In this new video, Norbord demonstrates the company’s dedication to sustainable forestry. From replanting post harvesting to controlling emissions with modern transportation methods, commitment to environmentally-friendly methods can be found in every aspect of the business. For further information on... View Article