5 Reasons to choose triple glazing as standard

Triple glazing may not be a requirement of the Future Homes Standard 2025, but why wait for government legislation? At VELFAC, we believe the case for making triple glazing the new norm now is strong. Here are five reasons to... View Article

Better Quality Homes Begin with Better Quality Digital Processes

Inconsistent quality control has been a longstanding challenge for UK housebuilders and developers, and one of the root causes is a distinct lack of digitalisation within the building process. Manual methods, paper-based documentation, and siloed information still dominate, with key... View Article

Modern technology minimises muck

Graf explains why SBR technology is the future for wastewater. Nutrient neutrality, reducing ammonia levels and carbon dosing – the world of wastewater treatment has become a dynamic and challenging one. No longer is it just a choice between cesspool,... View Article

Schlüter creates another statement bathroom

Schlüter Systems offers more than 10,000 products for the long-lasting installation of tiles and natural stone; they include a comprehensive range of trims, waterproofing, underfloor heating and shower drainage systems.  Worldwide, the products and systems have created the very best in... View Article

TDBL- nonut® a revolution for the construction industry

SFS Group Fastening Technology have launched an innovative solution for the construction market, which will save time onsite. The new TDBL- nonut® – which carries ETA-11/0191 approval – has exceptional performance thanks to its patented thread shape, under-head locking detail and trilobular geometry.... View Article

Revolutionary rainscreen retention solution proves less is more

SFS Group Fastening Technology and Kingspan Insulation have pooled their respective expertise in rainscreen cladding support systems and insulation materials, to launch an optimum performance solution offering A2-s1, d0 reaction to fire  presenting the potential to optimise envelope design on buildings of any... View Article

Local sensitivity

LISTEN HERE Roseanne Field reports on a high-end nine house development in a small village in Kent, built by an SME developer that prides itself on its local knowledge and respectful approach to schemes. Situated just outside Maidstone in Kent,... View Article

Clearing the path to timber

LISTEN HERE The Government’s roadmap for increasing timber use in construction is here, but how is the industry tackling the obstacles? James Parker spoke to Andrew Carpenter, chief executive of the Structural Timber Association. How can structural timber, the ultimate... View Article