Zaptec EV Chargers: Quick installation, quality hardware, cost-efficient, excellent safety

With the public’s swift uptake of electric vehicles (EVs) and governmental regulations making EV chargers mandatory for new builds in England and Scotland, developers and builders are having to navigate the rapidly growing electric car charger market. With a wide choice of manufacturers to choose from that have an attractive price tag, not all meet the required standards or offer support for development projects.

Of the legitimate options on the market, many tick some boxes, but not all. Sifting through products online, learning new terminology and technologies is hard and time consuming. So we have made your job easier buy introducing an AC home charger which has already been chosen as a favourite by 6 of the UK’s biggest housing developers, because, well, it’s a perfect fit!

Since launching to the UK market in 2021, Norwegian brand Zaptec has established itself as the go-to manufacturer of high-quality EV chargers that look the part without breaking the bank. Combining sleek Scandi design with state-of-the-art charging hardware, Looking for the highest-quality chargers at affordable prices that align with UK standards?

A compact range that meets all your customer’s needs

Zaptec currently offer two charge points, the Zaptec Go and the Zaptec Pro. The Zaptec Go is perfect for fast and simple home installations while the Pro is oriented toward large site installations, specifically apartments and workplaces. Last year, the Zaptec Go was internationally recognised as the winner of the 2022 Red Dot Design Award for Best Product Design. It is available in 6 colours which customers can easily purchase from Amazon and is competitively priced based on volume. The Zaptec Pro on the other hand provides an excellent end user experience for apartments with parking, where government grants are available to help with the costs. It has patented technology to ensure the car receives the maximum available power.

Scandinavian simplicity & next-gen tech

Zaptec have been producing charging points since 2016 and have supplied over 250,000 units with a reliability rate of 99.7%. The AC home charger Go, weighs just 1.3kg while packing all the features you would expect from a next-generation charging solution. One being Wi-Fi and 4G SIM connectivity making them simple to commission and provide software updates even in unoccupied properties . All Zaptec chargers are designed, engineered and manufactured in Norway, so the company has total control over its quality while also being able to react and adapt its hardware and software to any UK-specific requirements. No need to worry about the cold though, the Zaptec Go has already been proven to work in the bitter chill of the Arctic Circle!

Fast install & lead times

The Zaptec Go was developed to be quick and easy to install, saving time and money – particularly in large developments making it a favourite amongst installers. This is one of the most important considerations for many developers and builders, who are seeking to streamline adherence to new legislation and meet their requirements without additional hassle. Zaptec UK hold substantial stock in the UK, minimising national lead times to help developers hit their deadlines.

5-year Guarantee

Zaptec is the only manufacturer to offer a 5 year guarantee on all of it’s products rather than the standard 1-3 year warranty of its competitors. Our guarantee covers the hardware and the installation, giving our customers and installers total confidence. In summary, Zaptec offer developers two high-quality, safe and cost effective solutions for both houses and apartments. The Zaptec Pro and Zaptec Go combine quick and easy installation with award winning design that customers and users will appreciate. To top it all off, Zaptec was voted the safest EV charger with the best technology in 2022 by the NAF (Norwegian Automobile Federation).