Why Your Construction Firm Needs A Strong Brand

Your brand is not your logo.

In this quick fire Q&A, I dispel the common misconception around what branding is and how it is a game changer for companies in the construction industry who are serious about success:

How Can A Strong Brand Improve Marketing?

Your brand helps to create a strong impression of your business and gives confidence to buyers. Get your branding right and you’ll achieve customer loyalty and lifetime value for years to come.

Does Branding Really Matter For B2B Companies?

Yes. In fact, it is arguably more important as B2B purchasing decisions are more long term than consumer ones. Make the wrong decision in the B2B world and the impact could be much greater than if you buy the wrong bottle of shampoo from your local supermarket.

Furthermore, B2B companies with strong brands outperform weak ones by 20 percent.

How Relevant Is Branding In The Construction Industry?

Highly relevant. When your construction business is competing against so many other firms offering a similar product or service, at a similar price, a strong brand is the only differentiating yardstick people will have.

How Do I Build A Strong Brand?

Building your brand is not an overnight job, it takes persistence, focus and dedication to originate and perpetuate a brand people can recognise and want to support. The first step is a marketing tutorial with an agency your can trust to offer you strong advise and support.

Sarah Reay is managing director of Construction Marketing Experts, a full-service marketing consultancy.

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