Why plastic drainage products can save you time and money

New sewerage sector guidance (SSG) from Water UK, makes it clear that thermoplastic pipes manufactured to BS EN 13476 can be considered for below ground drainage on all developments in England, including for on-plot and off-plot sewers. But why should developers make the switch?

Plastic piping has always featured in sewer guidance, but new mandatory guidelines from Water UK, also approved by Ofwat, state that all sewerage companies must adopt systems including plastic pipes and fittings, as long as they meet relevant product standards.

This change brings new possibilities and big benefits for housebuilders:

  • Up to 94% lighter: plastic pipes weigh a lot less than concrete and clay alternatives, reducing labour and machinery needed for install, making the process much safer
  • More flexible, less failure: the earth’s natural movements, plus flooding and temperature change can cause rigid pipes to fail. Plastic is more flexible and less susceptible to cracks and breaks
  • 75%* fewer leaks: independent research found plastic pipes experience less leakage than more rigid materials
  • Better flow rates: the smooth inner surface of plastic pipes boosts the efficiency of pumping to prevent blockages
  • More sustainable: plastic pipes are 100% recyclable at end of life
  • Proven, lasting performance: plastic pipes have been used in foul and surface water systems for more than 60 years and have a lifespan of up to 100 years

Greener solutions

The new SSG also encourages the use of sustainable drainage solutions (SuDS), allowing developers to integrate a new generation of plastic-based water management products that not only retain, attenuate and infiltrate water at source, but allow the collected water to be re-used to sustain green assets above.

These Green Urbanisation solutions help to create and maintain beautiful – and marketable – landscapes in developments and also deliver increased biodiversity. This capability will be critical for developers when the Government’s Environment Bill comes into law next year, requiring housebuilders to achieve a minimum of 10 per cent improvement in biodiversity on or near a new build site to get planning consent.

Understand the power of plastic

Find out more about the benefits that plastic-based pipes can bring to your developments by watching the video below. Or visit polypipe.com/plot-twist to book a free technical workshop for your team.


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