Why Giving Your Home A Regular Check-Up Is Important – Simple Tips To Prevent Long-Term Issues

Home check-ups can be taken for granted. While we take cars for yearly MOTs and services, it is essential to do the same for your home. This can limit severe damage from extreme weather, help prevent a fire and ensure optimal security in your home. Use these simple considerations to avoid expensive repairs and long-term issues in your property.

Secure Entrances And Exits

Home security is vitally important for you and your loved one’s safety in addition to preventing financial loss. Take time to check all doors and windows in your home, particularly for any stiff locks or handles that regularly jam. Getting these repaired can be much more cost-effective than having to replace them entirely. 

Consider changing locks for optimal security, especially when you move into a previously owned home or if security has been compromised, such as if keys have been mislaid. Many locksmiths offer a complete home security assessment. Firms like Adlocks specialise in gaining entry, security upgrades, and UPVC doors and windows, so you can be assured of their expertise to repair any issues and lock down your property from unwanted intruders.

Boiler And Heating Maintenance

Keeping your boiler and heating system in excellent working order is vitally important to prevent a breakdown. Many firms offer insurance that includes an annual boiler service, repairs to central heating, and thorough gas checks around the home. Ensure to set reminders on your smartphone or calendar to test smoke alarms regularly, ideally every week and consider what to look for in a carbon monoxide detector and where to fit it in your home.

Plan Ahead For Extreme Weather

Ensure to keep tabs on the weather forecast and take steps to prepare your home in the event of potential flooding or strong winds. Simple tricks like clearing gutters regularly will allow excess rainfall to drain correctly, and insulating pipes will help to prevent them from freezing. Firmly secure outside garden furniture and periodically check for loose roof tiles. If these start flying around during a storm, it could cause all kinds of damage.

Help your property withstand potential flooding by repairing, sealing and even barricading all possible entries to prevent inside damage. In the event of incoming water, plan ahead by unplugging electrical items and moving them to secure areas of the property.

Avoid Electrical Faults

Electrical appliances can be a significant risk of fire. Some of the most common home appliances that overheat can be made safer with regular maintenance, and switching off devices when you’re not using them can prevent overheating. Minimise odds of an electrical surge by refraining from overloading sockets and if using a split adaptor, opt for one with individual switches. 

Regular home maintenance can sound like a lot of hard work, but that’s not the case. Many of these simple tips only take a short amount of time and this can be time well spent to ensure optimal safety for your property and family.