What are Flap Valves?

What are Flap Valves?

Flap valves and flap gates are a type of non-return valve (NRV) used to prevent flooding and to stop water back-flowing up pipework connecting into ponds, ditches, swales, rivers and marine or tidal environments.

What type do you offer?

Our range of flap valves and flap gates includes wall mounted flap valves, tidal flap valves, flange mounted flap valves as well as push fit and pipe mounted flap valves. As standard our HDPE flap valves have a 50 year design life. Althon HDPE flap valves can be manufactured to suit site specific installation requirements and operating water pressures.

Can I have a flap valve factory fitted to an Althon Headwall?        

Yes! Althon flap valves can be factory fitted to our precast concrete headwalls and chambers. For installation on site by others we supply a EPDM seal, stainless steel fixings and chemical anchors.