Warm welcome for RHPP increases, from Grant UK

Paul Wakefield, managing director of Grant UK, the leading oil boiler and renewable solutions manufacturer, was quick to welcome the announcement from DECC (Department of Energy and Climate Change) that it was responding to pressure from the industry to see more generous Renewable Heat Premium Payments to support the market as a stop gap until the Renewable Heat Initiative (RHI) kicks in in the spring of 2014.

DECC has announced that the RHPP to homeowners will double which is good news for Grant who supply air source heat pumps, biomass boilers and solar thermal systems through heating merchants to the trade. The RHPP will increase from £650 to £1300 for air source heat pump installations, from £950 to £2,000 for biomass boiler installations and from £300 to £600 for solar thermal systems.

“We’re grateful for any incentives from Government that encourage people to invest in renewable systems,”

says Paul Wakefield.

“It seems to be an acknowledgement from Government that they’ve let the renewable energy solutions sector down quite badly as a result of all the delays there have been to the introduction of the RHI and I’m confident that these increases in grants available will have a positive effect on sales. It’s a welcome boost.”

At the same time it was announced that future recipients of an RHPP will have to undergo a Green Deal assessment to qualify for their pay out – a process that will cost homeowners between £100 and £150, considered a reasonable way to increase the number of Green Deal Assessments that are undertaken, which, although increasing month on month, have been decidedly disappointing since the launch of Green Deal earlier in the year.