Vent-Axia’s Cooker Hood with MVHR is Just the Ticket for Housebuilders

Vent-Axia’s Lo-Carbon Sentinel Kinetic Cooker Hood combines a cooker hood with mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (MVHR) unit in one. Ticking all the right boxes for smaller properties, the Sentinel Kinetic Cooker Hood is the ideal choice for housebuilders of compact developments. The unit works seamlessly as an MVHR unit supplying energy efficient ventilation to the home and, when the cooker hood is needed, it is simply pulled out to provide a purge of cooker fumes.

Ideal for small one or two-bedroom studio apartments, the unique Sentinel Kinetic Cooker Hood provides all the benefits of MVHR with all the advantages of a cooker hood. With the dangers of poor indoor air quality (IAQ) well established and a growing awareness of the hazards of everyday activities such as cooking and cleaning, effective ventilation in the home is a must. In fact, cooking a Sunday roast has been shown to release harmful PM2.5 particulates making the air temporarily dirtier than the most polluted cities, so a cooker hood is vital to good IAQ. And with many cleaning and other household products containing harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs), effective household ventilation in the form of MVHR is a real advantage. So, with the growing awareness of the importance of good (IAQ) among consumers, the Sentinel Kinetic Cooker Hood is a helpful selling point for housebuilders when attracting buyers.

“The Sentinel Kinetic Cooker Hood is a great addition to smaller homes, offering whole house ventilation combined with extraction during cooking all in one unit, saving valuable space and improving IAQ” said Jordan Lilford, Product Manager at Vent-Axia. “And as you would expect from Vent-Axia, it is very energy efficient and effective, as well as offering a host of additional features such as summer bypass and a humidity sensor. Inclusion of this cooker hood in any smaller new build will be a great selling point for housebuilders.”

The Sentinel Kinetic Cooker Hood is designed to fit in a 600mm wide aperture above a hob and so fits inside a kitchen unit for a seamless finish. The telescopic hood is pulled out when cooking and this triggers the MVHR unit to switch to a pre-defined boost speed and the summer bypass automatically opens to prevent cooking by-products entering the heat recovery cell. The hood incorporates removable metal grease filters, low energy lamps to illuminate the hob top and is available with a white or brushed aluminium front trim.

With the highest rating on SAP PCDB in its class, the Sentinel Kinetic Cooker Hood is very energy efficient. Offering great installation flexibility, the cooker hood is also available in a SELV version, which means the distance between the hood and the electric hob can be reduced from 650 to 550mm – great news in a tight kitchen space. Meanwhile, as a safety feature the hood contains an integral fire damper, which creates a seal if a fire is detected, and is connected to the heat recovery unit by a galvanised steel duct with access for cleaning. As an additional safety feature, the duct also contains a thermal cut-out fuse which turns off the MVHR unit in the event of excessive temperature in the airway.

Lightweight and compact, the Sentinel Kinetic Cooker Hood comes with a combination of spigot options allowing installation in confined locations. Simple to install, ducting can be attached to the unit horizontally, vertically or both and, with left and right-handed versions available, the installation options are almost limitless. Meanwhile, adding to the flexibility the cooker hood’s condensate connection can conveniently be taken through the rear of the unit or through the side of the unit into an adjacent cupboard prior to the connection into the pre-installed domestic water waste system.

The Sentinel Kinetic Cooker Hood offers an integral humidity sensor option that increases speed in proportion to relative humidity levels, saving energy and reducing noise. The sensor also reacts to small but rapid increases in humidity, even if the normal trigger threshold is not reached, ensuring adequate ventilation. The night time relative humidity setback feature suppresses nuisance tripping as humidity gradually increases with falling temperature.

An integrated digital controller provides simple and accurate commissioning as well as important end-user information such as filter-maintenance reminders and the summer bypass trigger temperature. If the unit is not immediately accessible, a remotely-wired version of the digital controller can also be positioned anywhere within 15m of the unit for easy viewing.

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