Vent-Axia Leads the Way with Quiet Living

Vent-Axia, the UK’s leading ventilation company, has launched a new range of acoustic solutions for its Sentinel Kinetic mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (MVHR) units. With the negative effect of noise on our health now recognised, the new Acoustic Top Box
and Acoustic Enclosure have been designed to further reduce the already low noise levels of the MVHR units to improve the quality of life of inhabitants and reduce noise complaints in very noise sensitive applications.

For home owners the most common concern with ventilation systems is that they will create noise. To mitigate this, Vent-Axia have optimised every element of the Sentinel Kinetic range to minimise the generation and transmission of both motor and airflow noise, resulting in some of the quietest units available. However, in applications where noise is critical, Vent-Axia’s new acoustic solutions ensure further reduction of noise levels.

Vent-Axia’s new acoustic range includes two solutions, the first is the Acoustic Top Box which reduces induct noise at key frequencies in living areas, bedrooms and wet rooms, as well as providing a neat enclosure for ductwork at the point of installation. Meanwhile the Acoustic Enclosure reduces breakout noise from the MVHR unit, lowering noise levels throughout the dwelling, and comes equipped with internal anti-vibration mounts that prevent vibration passing from the unit through the fabric of the building. The neat Acoustic Enclosure flat-pack design also allows easy shipping to site and enables simple installation in minutes.

“Whilst in many situations the Sentinel Kinetic range of MVHR does not cause any issues with noise there are some applications which are particularly noise sensitive and so sound levels need to be reduced even further. For these situations we are pleased to be able to offer the Acoustic Top Box and Acoustic Enclosure” said Jordan Lilford, Product Manager – New Build Residential at Vent-Axia. “Specifiers and households alike can be assured that our independently tested acoustic solutions will help tackle noise pollution in the home and
help create a healthy living environment.”

The effects of noise are more than just an annoyance, with research suggesting that raised noise levels in the home can be hazardous to both physical and mental health. The World Health Organization (WHO) claims that increased exposure to noise can lead to cardiovascular disease, cognitive impairment, as well as negative effects on sleep. As a result of these findings, local authorities are under ever increasing pressure to tighten planning requirements around residential noise in new builds. The responsibility of achieving
these reduced noise levels then falls onto the relevant acoustic consultants, under the guidance of BS 8233 and WHO guidelines. Vent-Axia helps consultants achieve these levels with their MVHR range and Acoustic Solutions all independently tested at the Sound Research Laboratory (SRL) and meeting the British Standard for residential MVHR (BS- EN- 13141-7).

Vent-Axia’s Acoustic Solutions work with the whole Sentinel Kinetic range including the flagship Sentinel Kinetic Advance. Designed to work with natural air infiltration, MVHR controls the air path through the home, preventing the migration of damaging humidity and
pollutants. Offering exceptional efficiency, low noise levels and an impressive 94 per cent thermal efficiency, the Advance further improves IAQ via its ISO ePM10 and ePM2.5 filter options which ensure that even homes in heavily urbanised areas can filter out most impurities,
including damaging PM2.5 particles. App-controlled functionality means the Advance offers simplified installation and commissioning, saving time on site and so money, reducing build length and improving build quality. And with thermal comfort a significant issue in air-tight new builds, the Advance includes a 100 per cent Summer Bypass. This sophisticated summer bypass features an evening or overnight purge, allowing home owners to choose when to take advantage of cooler air during hot summer periods.

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