VELFAC triple glazing for low energy homes

Triple glazing is essential for successful low energy housing, and VELFAC is a pioneer of triple glazing design. Designed for the harsh Scandinavian weather, our triple glazed windows and doors offer:

  • U-values of only 0.8W/m²K – already meeting the Government’s Future Homes Standard
  • Slim 54 mm frames to maximise daylight and reduce energy bills
  • Costs only marginally higher than double glazing thanks to large scale manufacture in our European factories


With average daily energy bills of only 24p, Howgate Close cottages are possibly the UK’s most energy-efficient homes. By exploiting a range of passive solar design principles, the cottages are exceptionally energy efficient and also truly affordable as no artificial heat source is required to deliver a stable internal temperature averaging 21-23 degrees Centigrade. The cottages instead use a mix of passive heat sources (from people and appliances), and solar gain generated through VELFAC triple glazed windows, including large window screens on south-facing facades. As a result, energy consumption of a two bedroom cottage is 94% less than the average UK household.

To build Howgate Close, farmer Dr Chris Parsons worked with sustainability housing experts Hockerton Housing Project and Dr Jerry Harrall, a consultant in the design and adaptation of fossil-fuel-free buildings. ‘Describing Howgate Close as a development of eco-homes is to understate its performance,’ states Dr Harrall. ‘In fact all nine properties operate beyond zero-carbon, and instrumental to their success is the installation of VELFAC composite triple glazing, specified for its excellent thermal performance. VELFAC windows also play a crucial role in achieving a SAP rating for each cottage of around 143, a significant improvement of the average rating of 63,’ says Dr Harrall. ‘VELFAC low U-values (0.8W/m²K) reduce heat loss while bringing more natural light into each home, thereby reducing the need for artificial light. The windows are actually net gatherers of heat,’ he adds, ‘and contribute to an annual energy surplus which we estimate will be enough to power another similar dwelling.’

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