Top 5 reasons for buying a bungalow

A regional property expert has outlined why single-storey living is growing in popularity across East Anglia.

Michelle Baker, head of sales for Persimmon Homes Anglia, said:

“Although they are reported to be Britain’s third most popular house style, only around 300 bungalows are built every year across the whole of the UK.

“To address this gap in the market, we offer a range of bungalows suitable for all ages at many of our developments across Norfolk and Suffolk.

“The properties appeal to young buyers looking for contemporary apartment style living but with the added bonus of a garden, and to the young at heart who prefer the convenience of the single storey lifestyle.

“There are also those who see it as a sound investment, making use of their bungalow as a second home or weekend retreat so they can take regular holidays in our beautiful region.”

With almost 18 years’ experience in the housing industry, Michelle has listed her top five reasons for single storey living:

  • Space – bungalows tend to have a much bigger footprint than a traditional two-storey house or even an apartment
  • Lifestyle – families will appreciate open floor plans and spacious gardens, letting them make the most of their time together
  • Safety – for those with mobility issues, bungalows are a safe and accessible option – with the living space on one level you don’t have to worry about getting up and down the stairs. Those with young families will also appreciate single storey living as it helps to increase safety and parent aren’t left worried about children falling down the stairs
  • Maintenance – with everything is on the same floor you don’t have to worry about tackling the stairs with cleaning equipment, or using high ladders for window cleaning
  • Efficiency – new-build bungalows are an eco-friendly option for those wanting to lower their carbon footprint, using less energy and are more cost effective to heat

Michelle added:

“People choose bungalows for all sorts of reasons, but we suggest that buyers seriously consider the flexibility of the space and imaginative layouts when they come to choose their next home.

“Buying a home tops the list of the most important and expensive decisions that people make in life, so getting it right is critical.”