Time to get hung-up on the bathroom space

Today, more than ever, the key to enhancing buyer appeal is not just planning ahead, but designing ahead too. As buyers increasingly seek out washrooms that are not only functional but inspirational, it’s never been more important for developers to add real value to new projects. Sophie Weston, channel marketing manager at Geberit, looks at the role of wall-hung bathroom technology in creating a stand-out space.

Wall-hung technology is an ingenious solution and one that is out of sight but very much front of mind for a growing number of UK developers. Offering a space-saving alternative to traditional close coupled toilets, wall-hung toilets maximise the bathroom space whilst offering a sleek, streamlined design.

Space-saving solutions

By concealing the cistern behind a stud wall, a wall-hung toilet reduces the outward projection of the furniture to create the illusion of space. And, where space is paramount, opting for wall-hung ceramics can really help liberate the design process – complementing wall-hung ceramics with compact design choices can make even the smallest room appear bigger.

But it’s not just all about space. Hygiene and ease of cleaning is now a huge consideration for homeowners – and lifting the toilet from the footprint of the floor is an effective way to make cleaning much easier and, with no hard to reach areas, dirt and dust accumulation is significantly reduced.

And for that extra design versatility, wall-hung furniture offers the opportunity to add the finishing touches to a project with the option of adding stylish flush plate finishes such as textured rustic wood or slate designs to shades that blend harmoniously into any décor style.

Working with Geberit

Whether you’re new to the Geberit brand or an existing partner, we understand the importance of meeting the ever-changing business requirements across our sectors. Our bathroom collections provide housebuilders with a wealth of opportunities to offer a host of added-value specification packages and upgrades.

Our Geberit Select collection, launched last year, offers housebuilders functional, affordable and on-trend design possibilities across the basic-mid bathroom sector, with our Aspire collection offering developers the choice of luxury, high-end bathroom ranges.

Geberit innovations

Geberit’s team of designers have created a range of bathroom solutions that optimise any room size without compromising on style. With more than 200 models available, Geberit’s Duofix wall-hung frame system, together with our range of wall-hung ceramic furniture across both our Select and Aspire collections, offers developers a world of design possibilities for any project.

A Geberit wall-hung bathroom means that developers can create a space that will stand the test of time. From incorporating odour extraction technology or touchless flush plates to future proofing the bathroom with superior acoustic flush performance and adjustable seat heights, opting for wall-hung offers developers the opportunity to create an innovative, design-led solution. And, with millions of Geberit concealed installations around the world, you can guarantee we have just the right product for you.

For more information visit geberit.co.uk/wallhungreport