National Federation of Builders (NFB) looks for its 2016 ‘stay safe’ campaign poster

The National Federation of Builders (NFB) has launched the 2016 version of its award winning child safety campaign. Previously called “Stay Safe, Say Away,” the increasingly popular initiative, which has run since 2003, has been renamed “Stay Safe.”

The renaming of the campaign to “Stay Safe” reflects this year’s joint objectives of not just communicating to children that they should never play on construction sites but that the NFB is working towards addressing the industry’s skill shortage by promoting the diverse careers available in the sector.

“Many children were injured on building sites last year and we’re determined to reduce this number,” says Richard Beresford, chief executive of the NFB. “We are working closely with schools and our members to increase the awareness of the dangers and hazards for children on a site.”

“We do, however, want children to experience the excitement of construction sites, but safely! Construction is a vibrant industry with a diverse range of career opportunities so visits to projects are important but should be planned and authorised.”

“This campaign will help children to stay safe from the hazards on a site, while the NFB’s commitment to addressing the skills shortage will ensure that the industry remains vibrant and a key part of communities, as well as our overall economy.”

As part of the campaign, with Go Construct, an online portal of resources designed to promote careers in construction, the NFB is inviting key stage one and two  schoolchildren (ages 5-11) across England and Wales to take part in a stay safe poster competition. Coinciding with the Child Accident Prevention Trust’s (CAPT) Child Safety Week, the deadline for entries is 17 June.

Entries will be judged on 20 June and winners will be announced on 27 June. Prizes will include donations to participating schools and prizes for individual children.

Lorraine Gregory, partnership manager at Go Construct says: “The Stay Safe campaign is an excellent way of providing young people with a positive experience of construction.  And it’s a key part of how CITB is supporting the construction industry through Go Construct.  It is important that children understand the importance of safety in construction, while learning what construction has to offer in term of career and learning opportunities”.

Norman, the blue mascot who has been associated with the campaign since launch will still feature but as a soft toy this year. Participating schools will receive Norman toys along with instructions for care and will be asked to develop a rota where children take it in turns to take him home and make sure that he stays safe. Norman has a dedicated website, aimed at children, at

“We want as many children and schools as possible to be involved,” says Naomi Walker, Marketing Manager at the NFB. “Inevitably our members will be working in, or close to, schools across numerous communities so site safety is paramount.”

Schools can receive further information by going to