The hottest trends


Steve Birch of Vogue (UK) explores the latest bathroom heating trends for 2020.

The desire for versatile, energy-efficient solutions in the home has given the industry the opportunity to create new designs which are lightweight, non-polluting, durable and most of all, visually appealing.

Showing the same level of attention to the home accessories is essential this year, and feature radiators and towel warmers will become a necessary bathroom component that is now considered central to a design and interior scheme. Look out for simple and elegant shaped heating solutions which are elevated by distinguishing design features and details, as these are set to dominate the home over the course of 2020.

In fact, transitional home products will continue to grow in popularity as more interior schemes ride the line between contemporary and traditional design, and are no longer defined by a clear time-period. From stylised tubing and rails to ‘opposing’ finishes and combination models, style trends in 2020 propose specifiers throw away the rulebook when it comes to multi-layered heating design, and opt for a timeless blend of contrasting styles and finishes.

For that reason, cutting-edge heating design continues to inspire new variations in texture, colour and finish, and this will again play a huge part in tactile home interiors over coming months. Heating solutions are a great way to introduce colour and tone, as well as depict the latest trend for inspirational tone and texture. Innovative surface treatments and hand-finishing techniques are paving the way for special finish options never before seen on a radiator or towel warmer. With the desire for a new level of tactility in the bathroom, a sensory heating solution that delivers on both form and function is the on-trend answer.

In terms of colour palette, the bathroom market continues to favour black-coloured interior solutions, and this shows no signs of abating in the near future. To add to this, trend predictors forecast that the monochromatic shades of white, grey and black will continue to top the charts and undergo constant reinvention, thanks to new and special finishes being introduced just like special iridescent and/or weathered finishes.

You can also get the best of both worlds with metallics in 2020 by embracing both warm and cool metals – independently and in combination – alongside colour matched heating controls, valves, brackets and fixtures. Antique bronze, polished gold, alongside matt and satin lacquered finishes are going to help define the look of the towel warmer and radiator in 2020, creating a showpiece in the room that can compete with the latest interior decors and designs.

In fact, special-order product design is set to grow in the coming years, as a bespoke blueprint can now be brought to life, and factor in everything from colour and finish to electrical connections, and even country-specific design requirements. An unprecedented level of creativity is being seen in all areas of interior design and product development, and this has led to a renewed focus in 2020 for lifestyle home-heating that plays to the individual and core design values from the outset.

Sometimes the industry underestimates consumers’ desire to have ‘something extra’ or ‘something special’ which will enhance their quality of life, with minimal effort on their part as homeowners. Be sure to consider fold-away storage rails, mirrors and remote control functions to make modern life easier. It’s true that this sort of attention to detail does need to be priced in, but when the end user is going to reap the benefits every day, the cost-per-use is really quite negligible.

A helpful way of bridging the gap between the perception of highly priced bespoke products and off-the-peg heating is the ability to offer ‘custom-made’ design solutions. This is something that can allow for quick modification in terms of design and construction. This win-win solution helps customers save money while achieving a ‘luxury look for less,’ and reaping the benefits of an enhanced amount of choice and a greater level of personalised customer service.

As sustainable living becomes increasingly important to protect the planet, cutting down on laundry by reusing towels is also desirable, saving time, money and energy. With much uncertainty around the economy, consumers will be inclined to invest in their properties in 2020, and so bespoke heating options can be a helpful way of adding personality and flair to a bathroom, as well as serving a practical purpose.

Steve Birch is sales director at Vogue (UK)