The changing face of Boscombe

A major project to demolish then rebuild an entire street block in Boscombe has begun – and when finished the apartments will be for the exclusive use of over-50s.

DWP Housing Partnership, Dorset’s biggest private landlord, is investing £4.5m in the regeneration scheme on Christchurch Road.

When completed there will be six two-bedroom apartments, 45 one bedroom apartments and eight retail units within the four-storey, brick-built block.

South Coast Demolition is currently dismantling what’s there brick-by-brick and afterwards Glossbrook Builders will begin the development phase.

Work is due to be completed in the autumn of next year, and will bring a far more attractive look to the street opposite the entrance to the Woodland Walk.

The site is at 752-778 Christchurch Road and Steve Wells, who heads DWP Housing Partnership, said:

“We have owned this block for some years.

“It had been developed in an ad hoc way, which meant there was a poor use of space.

“We wanted to start again and so we applied for permission to demolish and rebuild, and our plans were approved.

“We are working alongside the Boscombe Regeneration Project and will continue to build new, attractive homes and upgrade our existing housing stock.

“The Christchurch Road site is on the major arterial route into Boscombe from the Pokesdown end and when completed it will be far more attractive.

“Obviously we will keep any disruption to a minimum.

“We will be reserving the apartments for over-50s and are in negotiation with the local authority to see if they can assist us in finding suitable tenants.”

Over the last five years, DWP Housing Partnership has invested more than £20m in new developments.

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