Sustainable timber solutions from James Latham

When it comes to external timber doors and windows, James Latham offers the perfect solution to architects, joiners and the construction sector when looking to specify products which are not only dimensionally stable and durable but also legal and sustainable.

One of the most advanced wood products on the market, Accoya is a modified, highly durable and dimensionally stable certified softwood, incorporating Accsys’ proprietary wood acetylation technology which delivers outstanding levels of performance, stability and durability.

Guaranteed for 50 years in exterior use and 25 years when used in the ground, Accoya is produced using modified, fast growing species and can be safely recycled.

As impressively durable as the highest quality tropical hardwoods, Accoya is a quality, long lasting product that is suitable for a wide range of external joinery applications including windows, doors, decking, structural and much more.

Plus, Accoya is a perfect solution for exterior cladding, siding and façades where aesthetics, less frequent maintenance, dimensional stability, durability and insulation value are key factors. Accoya’s versatility makes it ideal for use in residential, commercial and industrial structures.

Produced from laminated Oak, Sapele and European Redwood, WoodEx offers numerous features and benefits.  It has two high quality, clear faces for use in joinery applications and is ideally suitable for use in timber doors and windows as the product offers greater dimensional stability.

In addition, WoodEx is made from finger jointed lamells which are glued together, and James Latham can supply the product either as finger jointed or as one piece.

James Latham’s Group Product Sales & Development Manager, Paul Leach, commented:

“As demand for sustainably modified wood continues to grow, whether for windows, doors, decking, cladding or other joinery applications, Accoya is a fantastic material for external specification.

“Having introduced WoodEx to the market last year, we have had a fantastic reaction from the joinery and construction sectors due to the options it offers.   In line with growing demand, our stock of WoodEx now covers a wide range of sizes and species and provides a versatile addition to our already extensive timber range.”

WoodEx is available ex-stock in lengths of 0.8m to 3m, (6.0m in finger jointed faced Redwood) and in sizes ranging from 48mm x 95mm to 72mm x 120mm.  Special sizes and lengths are also available to order.

Ref: 90695