Stuart Turner supplies bespoke insulated tank and Aquaboost booster set to restored luxury home

Stuart Turner, the leading pump and water boosting solutions provider, has worked closely with Urban Space Plumbing to design and supply a bespoke mains water boosting solution, to meet the high water demands of a five-bathroom property in South West London.

Stuart Turner provided a bespoke 978 litre one piece GRP cold water storage tank and its Aquaboost Horizontal Twin Pump Booster Set to the luxury home, after Gary Porter, Senior Project Manager at Urban Space Plumbing, brought them into the project.

He said:

“One thing that can often be overlooked on major refurbishment projects is the issue of mains water pressure, particularly when existing pipe infrastructure is loaded with additional outlets from added bathrooms or extra storeys.

“Due to the size of the structure and the number of outlets situated throughout the property, a booster set was needed to ensure water would sufficiently flow throughout the building – and I knew Stuart Turner would be well placed to assist with meeting the high water output needs.”

To meet the property’s requirements, Stuart Turner created a bespoke 978 litre one piece GRP insulated tank for the property – enough to resource the five bathrooms and other outlets located throughout the house. To further improve flow rates and system pressure, the Stuart Turner Aquaboost Booster Set was installed. This will provide the home with flow rates up to 100 litres per minute and increases in pressure up to 4.0bar.

Darren Cooper, Business Development Director at Stuart Turner said:

“The Aquaboost Booster Set is designed to provide higher water pressure and flow to multiple outlets – this was key for this project. One of the main project requirements was that three of the home’s power showers could be used at the same time – relying on gravity alone to supply these outlets would have resulted in poor water output, which is why the combined Aquaboost system was specified.”

Gary Porter continues:

“I have been installing Stuart Turner my entire career and trust in the quality of the products, which is why I always try to ensure their specification.

“The insulated tank and Aquaboost system were installed within the property’s boiler room. Compared to most houses, this space was fairly large – however, the size of the tank, as well as the other equipment within the room, restricted the space that my team had to install the system. Teamwork was vital to make sure that the install was a seamless process.”

Darren concludes:

“The new owners of the property will be able to make use of the five bathrooms, without worrying about low water pressure and output. The team at Urban Space Plumbing have done a fantastic job, especially with such challenging installation conditions. It is clear that the team take pride in their work and we are thrilled to have been able to work so closely with Gary and the Urban Space Plumbing team on this project.”

Urban Space Plumbing completed the installation of the Stuart Turner insulated tank and Aquaboost system in February 2019. The wider refurbishment work to the luxury home is still ongoing.