Stick or seal EB25 smashes both

EB25 from Sika Everbuild is a powerful sealant and adhesive in one which has fast become a popular option for trade professionals looking for a multitasking sealant and adhesive.

Since its launch two years ago, EB25 has secured its place as the ultimate sealant and adhesive on the market thanks to its flexibility to bond and seal almost any material to almost any surface. It can also be used indoors, outdoors and even when submerged under water.

EB25, which is manufactured using a unique polymer blend and cutting-edge technology, is a single high-performance product with multiple uses. It’s this dual action which tradespeople have come to rely on to get the job done with no fuss – seal or stick, it offers the best of both worlds.

As well as its exceptional strength and versatility, EB25 has the added benefit of being certified for use in sanitary and food preparation areas. It’s also resistant to mould, temperature extremes and chemicals, once fully cured, making it ideal for even the most challenging of jobs.

EB25 is available in a choice of five colours – clear, black, white, grey and anthracite – offering the perfect match for any project. And what’s more, it also carries the EC1Plus badge which certifies it as having very low emissions meaning it is better for the environment.

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