Stepping up

Zara Prescott of Richard Burbidge advises on how developers can create a lasting impression by selecting the most appropriate stairparts.

When it comes to selecting the most suitable interiors for a new development, the main focus for housebuilders is usually the bathroom and kitchen décor. However, one way to really make a statement in a new build, and one that is often overlooked, is the addition of stylish and design-conscious stairparts.

Selecting an appropriate style of stairparts for a project can really help to create an instant ‘wow-factor’ in a hallway, even encouraging an increase in the overall perceived value of a property. As the hallway is the first part of the home that any potential house buyers will see, choosing to install stylish and high quality stairparts is a much more cost-effective option than you might think, providing a safe yet design-conscious alternative to the standard styles that are on the market.

Although the hallway may not be an initial focus for developers, it’s vital not to forget the importance of this part of the home, as making poor design choices in the hallway can devalue the rest of the property dramatically.

By scoping out the range of styles and design options available, developers can select a style to suit the overall look and feel of the project, providing an effortless look from start to finish.

With such a wide variety of styles to choose from, selecting a stairparts style to suit the development is a surefire way of achieving added value. By scoping out the initial characteristics of the project and getting in touch with a specialist stairparts design team, they will be able to help you make the best decisions when it comes to selecting appropriate parts.

Minimal space, maximum style

When planning for a project in a smaller property with minimal space, a main consideration should be to install stairparts that make the area feel light, bright and spacious. The traditional white oak spindles that are commonplace in many homes, albeit stunning for a traditionally-designed project, will be quite over-bearing and take up a considerable amount of space for a small, contemporary home. Slim-line spindles are a perfect solution for this.

Alternatively, if you want to achieve an instant wow-factor, then another option is to consider installing contemporary glass balustrades. The addition of glass balustrades not only adds a sense of style to a minimal design scheme, but interior designers have noticed the benefits of using glass in hallways due to its light-inducing properties, creating the feeling of space in more modest surroundings.

Alternatively, if you are in the process of designing a new build with a traditional look, it may be worth considering a luxurious white oak spindle design. Oak spindles often become the main feature of a hallway, so it’s vital to make sure that the hallway in question can handle the statuesque look of a grand and striking design. If the project needs an attention-grabbing look, white oak spindle designs offer exceptional detailing and a perfect finish for a look that’s in proportion to the scale of the hallway.

Step up the safety

As much as style is a major priority for homeowners, a main concern should also be the safety and security of this potentially dangerous part of the home, as recent statistics from the British Woodworking Federation Stair Scheme have revealed that 33 per cent of people have had an incident on the stairs in the last 12 months.

Making sure to adhere to the most up to date Building Regulations is vital to provide the most secure stairpart solutions. The main regulation to be aware of is Part K of the Building Regulations, which covers Government guidelines in relation to protection against falling, collision, and impact in residential buildings. This states that guarding, such as a balustrade, must be fitted to stairs or a landing when there is a drop of 60 mm or more, to ensure the utmost safety when using the stairs.

Another main consideration to make when planning the design of a staircase is whether to add a handrail to provide additional safety. The addition of a handrail reinforces the safety of the staircase by creating additional points of contact at all times, ensuring good balance and safety. Not only is a handrail a practical and secure solution, a stylish handrail can also enhance the look of a hallway, with minimal mess and disruption to the home.

Time and money

When considering the installation of design-focused stairparts, it’s important to consider the time and restraints involved for such a project. Often a common misconception is that installing stairparts takes considerable time and effort, but in fact, there are many options available that mean the stairparts arrive pre-painted and varnished, so no work has to stop waiting for varnish to dry. A range of designs now also come with a pre-drilled handrail, baserail and spindles, so many of the designs can be installed in less than 24 hours.

Being such an easy and simple solution to create added value to a project, it’s worth investing in designer stairparts to help cast a stunning finish on the entrance of a home.

Zara Prescott is communications executive at Richard Burbidge