Step up your interiors

Paul Martin from stairparts specialist Richard Burbidge discusses how selecting the correct stairparts can add real impact to the entrance of a property.

When it comes to interiors, installing a show-stopping bathroom or kitchen may be high on the list of priorities. However, there is one other feature that makes a real style statement and can add significant value to a property, yet is often overlooked: the staircase.

Instead of opting for standard stairparts, make a conscious effort to select the most appropriate style for the property to create instant ‘hall appeal’, increasing the perceived value of the home and ensuring the first impression is a lasting one.

The hallway should be a real focus if the desire is to add character and value to a project, as it plays such an important role in setting the tone for the rest of the house. The defining element of the hallway is the staircase, but in many projects the entire hallway tends to get overlooked. However, carefully chosen stairparts will dramatically improve the look and feel of a house. Planning this area of a property at the early stages of the interior design process will allow for the creation of a grand entrance that complements the rest of the interior.

There are a wide variety of styles to choose from, so selecting the ones that are right for each individual project is key. Consider the defining characteristics of the development and then select the most appropriate stairparts for the size and style of the property.

Light and bright

In a smaller property the aim will be to maximise available space and light as much as possible. Large, imposing designs can overshadow the architecture of smaller homes, so simple, slim-line spindles offer a more practical option, creating a high-end feel in properties where space is limited, without overpowering the hallway or making it look darker.

Installing glass panels can also make the hallway appear brighter and more spacious, reflecting light and adding instant appeal to the property to create that all-important good first impression. A sleek and modern alternative to more traditional stairpart styles, the glass panel design makes an undeniable style statement, giving any property the ‘wow-factor’.

Period style

If the interior of the project will be more traditional in style, or if renovating a period property, installing a standard, white painted balustrade may not complement the rest of the interior, or could lessen the impact of any painstaking efforts that have been taken to restore the original features.

Traditional stairpart designs lend themselves well to period style properties, adding warmth and depth. However, to mix old with new and add a contemporary flourish, incorporating other materials can create a high-end, luxury and unique feel. For instance, using black iron, twisted spindles can create drama and turn a functional staircase into a striking centrepiece that lends itself well to both traditional and contemporary style interiors.

Stylish, contemporary & unified

If cutting-edge and contemporary is the desired style it pays to be adventurous, and the use of finishes such as chrome or brushed nickel alongside striking glass panels and light-coloured wooden handrails offers a stunning solution, resulting in a modern finish and a stylish focal point. Using the hallway to make a strong statement will increase the perceived value of the property and add a touch of distinction.

When selecting the type of wood to be used for consruction of a property’s staircase, specifiers need to consider the materials used elsewhere in the property. For example, white oak is a popular choice for flooring, doors and kitchens so, if this is the case on a particular project, continue the theme throughout by selecting the same wood for the stairs. Such attention to detail will create consistency throughout the house, resulting in the unified look and feel many buyers will look for when trying to identify their ideal property.

Time saving

There is a misconception that installing stairparts can be a sticking point when it comes to the progress of the project. If stairparts need painting or varnishing for example, work on both upstairs and downstairs would have to stop temporarily to wait for the varnish to dry, ensuring dust and contaminates do not affect the finish. However, ready-painted or varnished stairparts are available to purchase that allow the installation to progress without any disruption to work on the rest of the project, saving both time and money. There are also pre-drilled handrail and baserail systems available that come with pre-cut spindles, so in many cases stairparts can be installed in less than a day.

Updating the stairs is one of the simplest solutions when it comes to adding perceived value to a property. Making a grand entrance with a striking staircase can improve a property’s marketability, create a stunning centrepiece and ensure a home has that instant ‘wow-factor’.

Paul Martin is group product marketing manager for Richard Burbidge.