STA System for safer truss bracing

One of the major problems facing the housebuilding industry is how to safely fix bracing timbers to roof trusses, according to Safety Platforms.

The company’s STA System is a bespoke access system which makes truss-bracing safer, easier and faster.

Fixing bracing timbers to roof trusses is an extremely dangerous and high risk activity with potential falls of 5m to 7m. Even with the use of decking systems or bags, a joiner can still fall the height of the truss – potentially sustaining severe injuries, before landing on the decking system or on bags some 7m below.

Due to the short duration work and multi-work positions, the STA System is a practical, cost effective solution to an extremely high risk activity.

The STA System provides a safer means of access to higher levels of the roof trusses where the bracing timbers are fixed.

It is so easy to use that the joiners prefer this safer, faster method of working.