Smoking should be banned at home says 68% of the nation

Today smokers across the country are forsaking their daily intake of nicotine in aid of National No Smoking Day. Leading online estate agent has released their latest consumer insight revealing that smoking can not only damage your property’s selling potential, but 68% of the British public think smoking in the home with infants should be legally banned.

The research surveyed 2000 adults in England and Wales and asked them whether smoking in the home with an infant present should be banned, as well as if the lingering smells or obvious stains that would put them off buying a property.

With smoking already banned in public venues and a law due to be introduced banning smoking in cars with young children, a smoker’s home is not only their castle, but the last refuge they have in which they can smoke hassle free. However where children are concerned the British public seem willing to even give this up, with over two thirds of them believing smoking in the home should be banned if infants are present.

On top of this, the latest insight reveals smoking in your home could not only be detrimental to yours or your children’s health, but also detrimental to the sale of your property and the price you could achieve.

Of the top smells stated that would deter a buyer from a property, it comes as little surprise that the smell of smoke is one of them. A notable 86% of those surveyed stated buying a house from a heavy smoker would impact their decision to buy, or the price they would be willing to pay for the property.

21% of those asked would disregard a property altogether as a result of the seller being a smoker with 16% stating they would offer less than the asking price, regardless of whether it was a true reflection of the property value.

Perhaps more of a surprise is that those in the lowest age bracket of 16-24 (59%) would be most put off by the smell of smoke when viewing and those aged 25-34 were most likely to disregard a property full stop if the previous owner was a smoker (23%).

Those in the middle age range of 35-44 were the least worried about whether or not the previous owner smoked, with 18% of them not bothered about the smell at all. However they were also the most likely to use it as a bargaining chip with 20% of them stating it as a reason to offer under the asking price.

Geographically those in Cardiff (28%) were most likely to offer less than the asking price as a result of smoking, but it is Southampton that is crowned anti-smoking capital of the UK with 27% of those surveyed on the South coast stating they would not consider buying from a smoker at all.

Founder and CEO of eMoov, Russell Quirk commented:

“With regard to smoking being legally banned in the home, it doesn’t surprise me that this aspect of our research has sparked such a reaction. It’s understandable that people will turn to the statute book to ensure that kids’ health is protected if they feel that some parents are neglecting to do so.

With house prices in the UK some of the most expensive in the world, savvy buyers are keeping their eye out for any reason to save a penny or two. It doesn’t matter if they are anti-smoking or just trying to keep the cost down, those that choose to allow the lingering aroma of stale smoke in their home leave themselves vulnerable to buyers looking to barter.”