Small changes, massive savings: heating secrets explained by Sentinel

Social housing organisations that join Sentinel’s CPD learning seminar at the Homes Show, Olympia will be in for a revelation about the significant potential savings they could be achieving with regard to heating provisions. The boiler manufacturer endorsed water treatment specialist will explain how a few small changes to heating system care can save registered landlords hundreds of thousands of pounds for every 1,000 boilers – and improve tenant satisfaction to boot.

Sentinel’s mission has been the same for 30 years: to protect boiler and heating system components from the damaging effects of corrosion, which is the inevitable consequence of poor water quality. Corrosion can lead to a multitude of devastating problems within heating systems including complete boiler failure, breakdowns, premature repairs and parts replacements, cold spots in radiators (or radiators that fail to provide almost any warmth at all), higher heating bills, and lower energy efficiency.

The prevalence of the problem has been highlighted by research and testing conducted by major boiler manufacturers: 87 per cent of call outs are to systems without correct water treatment. This means registered landlords are currently missing an opportunity to maximise boiler longevity in their housing stock. Feedback from providers and contractors suggests that a significant percentage of boilers last around 10 years, not reaching their projected lifespan. Since heating provision cannot cease, the cost of getting these systems back on their feet simply has to be absorbed.

Carefully administered water treatment can protect heating systems from the effects of corrosion for life for a surprisingly low cost. This true Value for Money solution benefits both registered landlords and tenants by extending system longevity, preventing premature repairs and breakdowns, lowering heating costs, optimising heat transfer and energy efficiency, and ensuring that homes are warmer.

Sentinel’s unmissable session, titled ‘Delivering Value for Money in heating provision: how small changes can deliver large savings’, will be presented by the company’s UK Sales Director, Craig Mitchell, on Wednesday 22nd November at 11.45am. At the show, Sentinel will also be discussing their revolutionary upcoming innovation on stand H143.