Setcrete™ High Performance floor levelling compound and wearing surface for challenging floors

Setcrete High Performance floor levelling compound and wearing surface offers professional builders and tradesmen a simple, easy-to-use, cost-effective solution to problematic flooring installations.

Setcrete High Performance is a high-strength floor levelling compound and wearing surface, specifically designed for use over plywood subfloors, as well as over concrete and traditional sand/cement screeds.

Setcrete High Performance levelling compound and wearing surface is fibre-reinforced, meaning that it can ‘flex’, allowing it to accommodate the movement inherent in wooden floorcoverings. It can therefore be installed onto properly prepared plywood subfloors without the new flooring installation being put at risk. This can save a professional builder a great deal of time and effort.

Setcrete High Performance is ideal for installations that require the levelling of two or more different subfloor types. This could be problematic for a time-pressed tradesman, as different subfloor types usually require the use of different specialist levelling compounds. Setcrete High Performance allows contractors to create a smooth and level surface over a range of subfloor types, including plywood, concrete and sand/cement screeds, in a single application.

The compound is self-levelling, requiring minimal trowel work, and rapid drying, being walk-on hard in as little as an hour. The versatility of the product allows for application of 2-10mm over plywood, and up to 15mm on concrete surfaces.