Setcrete 2K Pro for difficult flooring installations

Setcrete™ 2K Pro fast-setting floor levelling compound has been specifically designed with the time-pressed professional builder in mind.

This easy to use floor levelling compound can be applied directly over old adhesive residues without the need for priming. This can save professional builders a great deal of time, effort, and money.

When removing floorcoverings such as carpet tiles and vinyl, builders are often faced with a subfloor covered in old adhesive residue. This poses a serious problem; most floor levelling compounds cannot bind properly to adhesives.

Previously, the tradesmen conducting the refurbishment work would have had to mechanically remove all of the residue before continuing with the new flooring installation. This is a time-consuming process, and if the area being refurbished is particularly large, expensive machinery may be required.

Setcrete 2K Pro floor levelling compound offers professional tradesmen a quick, easy and economical solution to the problem of adhesive residue contaminated subfloors.

Rather than having to remove all adhesive residues, contractors can simply remove as much as they can before applying Setcrete 2K Pro directly onto the remaining residue, provided the residue is still well-bonded. Setcrete 2K Pro can therefore potentially reduce on-site time by a matter of hours or even days, as well as saving a huge amount of cost and effort.

Setcrete 2K Pro is applicable in thicknesses of 2-30mm, and can be walk on hard in as little as 60 minutes. It has excellent self-levelling properties, meaning that minimal work with a trowel is required. It is low-odour and ammonia free.

Setcrete 2K Pro can also be applied directly onto Setcrete Rapid Set DPM damp proof membrane without the need for priming.