Schöck modular Isokorb for both balconies and facades

The Schöck Isokorb is a market leading solution for balcony design detailing – but it can also dramatically improve facade thermal performance.

The Elephant and Castle district of London is undergoing a major regeneration. The £2.3 billion Elephant Park project is now in its third phase, where eleven buildings over two plots will provide 829 homes. There are brick-finished midrise blocks to 12-storeys throughout, with each plot also featuring a 24-storey and 25-storey main tower. There are hundreds of pre-fabricated cantilever steel balconies and the main towers also use around 19,000m² of aluminium unitised facade panels

The high conductivity of steel means that the avoidance of thermal bridging is critical throughout, as local heat loss will result in more energy being required to maintain the building’s internal temperature. Low internal surface temperatures can also cause condensation, resulting in potential structural integrity problems with absorbent materials. Mould growth is also a possible serious risk.

The thermal performance at the connectivity points throughout – involving both the balconies and the commercial facades – therefore needed careful consideration. The Schöck Isokorb structural thermal break is internationally recognised for its performance within balcony design detailing – but less widely known for its ability to dramatically improve facade thermal performance. With this project, the thermal zone sits outside of the slab zone and the Schöck Isokorb T type S offers the ideal connectivity solution.

This versatile structural thermal break is ideal for steel-to-steel applications. There are two variants, the T type S-N for tensile force and the T type S-V for transferring compression and shear forces. It is the only approved thermal break product that satisfies the load-bearing and thermal insulation requirements for steel design. Also, being a modular unit, it can be adapted to all profile sizes and load bearing capacity requirements – plus it can be used in both new construction and renovation projects.

In addition to steel-to-steel connectivity, the comprehensive Isokorb range also offers solutions for concrete-to-steel, concrete-to-concrete – and even a maintenance free alternative to wrapped parapets. Products meet full compliance with the relevant UK building regulations, have NHBC approval and offer LABC Registration. There is also the security of independent BBA Certification.

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