Scape framework reinforces glass ceiling for SMEs

In another snub to SMEs, the Scape framework has denied capable regional SMEs of bidding for work opportunities.

With a turnover requirement of £125 million, Scape put contracts out of the reach of SMEs.

John Simons, strategic procurement manager for Scape, said:

“SMEs can reap numerous benefits by operating as part of the supply chain, in terms of business growth, expanding senior team knowledge and industry contacts through innovative project exposure.”

Richard Beresford, chief executive of the National Federation of Builders (NFB), said:

“Scape is doing what all framework operators do – they tout the number of indirect opportunities available to SMEs. In Scape’s eyes, SMEs can only ever aspire to be second-level players.”

There is still time for Scape to rethink their view of SMEs as mere supply chain operators, and see them instead as central to the development of their local economies. For every £1 spent on SMEs, 90p is used locally for employment and apprenticeship purposes.