Sapphire’s logistical expertise wins at Wembley

Sapphire’s logistical expertise has assisted the smooth supply of over 400 of its Glide-On™ balconies to Eastlands E05, part of the extensive Wembley Park development surrounding London’s iconic Wembley Stadium. Given the central location and proximity of the stadium there was very limited storage space on site and strict security procedures for deliveries. Sapphire worked closely with delivery drivers and site teams to ensure balconies arrived on site to precise pre-booked timeslots. To facilitate delivery, Sapphire also redesigned its double stacking trailer to allow twice as many balconies to be transported per load. This innovative solution not only met the project’s logistical needs but also cut transport costs and emissions in half.

The use of MMC at Eastlands E05 enabled the challenges of the site location to be overcome without compromising quality or efficiency.  The lack of space on site meant that traditional balcony methods were not suitable and offsite production was essential. Sapphire’s Glide-OnTM aluminium Cassette® system utilises the latest offsite manufacturing methods. Balconies for the project were delivered to site preassembled, including Crystal® frameless structural glass balustrades, decking and soffits, ready for installation, saving time, space and labour on site. Upon arrival the balconies were immediately lifted from the lorries and installed directly on to the building for a quick and efficient install using Sapphire’s Remote Locking Device.

The modern construction of Eastlands E05 included the use of precast panels by Techcrete. While these bring a host of benefits, particularly for programme speeds, they require careful consideration when designing the balcony anchors. To guarantee the rigidity of the balconies and facilitate a quick install a unique socket stub was custom-made for fitting between the precast panels.

The stubs had to be specially designed by Sapphire in close coordination with Techrete to an exact specification and strict quality control. In addition, the stubs were manufactured to be fitted in line with the installation of the panels. As each panel was positioned and secured, the stubs would be installed into the awaiting slots before the next panel secured them in place. For more information please visit