Rigidity results worthy of a trophy at Wembley Alto apartments

Part of a winning team at Wembley’s new Alto development, Sapphire has once again won praise for its innovative balcony design and unrivalled ‘end to end’ support.

Sapphire worked with Wates Construction to deliver 372 balconies for this stunning project for Quintain Estates. The Wembley Alto project, had an array of challenges from the long projection of the balconies to the internal fan extraction into the balconies. Other requirements included the need for top down installation to save time, GRC effect on balconies and balcony lighting. Each challenge is what makes Wembley Alto a dynamic residential haven with its four stunning towers.

Sapphire’s innovative Glide-On™ connectors enabled a Rigid connection back to the building that far outperforms the British Standards L/180 structural deflection limits. With some of the balconies having a 1725mm projection, by BS EN Standards, this would be allowed to deflect by 9.6mm at the extent. Sapphire’s Rigidity point load tests showed minimal deflections with an average of 1.25mm recorded. Using Sapphire’s Counter Balance Lifter (CBL) the client was able to install balconies as the scaffold was struck, saving time on the construction schedule. Sapphire’s innovative Cassette® design and simplicity enabled the integration of the extraction fans into the balconies, hiding the often-unpleasant fans from sight.

“I can’t fault Sapphire’s products or service on this challenging project.”
– Project Director, Wates Construction