Putting decades of passive fire expertise into bricks and mortar

Siderise has launched a range of passive fire solutions for masonry which allows developers, architects and contractors to meet the fire safety requirements of their projects simply, without making compromises.

Masonry materials have been used to create buildings for centuries due to their robust characteristics and timeless aesthetic. However, with increasingly strict regulations around fire and building safety, there is a clear need for passive fire solutions that have been specifically engineered and tested for masonry projects.

Drawing on its vast experience and knowledge of facades, Siderise have developed a suite of passive fire solutions for masonry constructions which will allow architects, fire engineers and contractors to meet the fire safety requirements of their projects without compromise.

The Siderise Non-Combustible Cavity Tray (NC-CT) combines a flexible aluminium cavity tray with a non-combustible insulation to create a robust, single-component solution which has been tested and classified to EN 13501-1 Fire classification of construction products and building elements. This patented and factory-engineered design provides reliable quality and performance, making it much simpler to specify and install. The product can be rapidly mitred for corners, thereby saving cost, importantly time, and allows for the variability of site tolerances.

It joins the Siderise External Wall (EW) system of cavity barriers and firestops, and the enhanced External Wall Intumescent (EWI) which includes integral intumescent material that expands in reaction to heat, sealing external masonry walls that have an irregular cavity (such as those with protruding elements). Each system is suitable for both masonry inner leaf and SFS constructions and have been tested in conjunction with a damp proof course (DPC).

The final products in the set are the Siderise Balcony Bracket Cavity Barrier range. This is a kit of parts which effectively encloses the whole bracket, allowing the firestop to be simply abutted to it, reducing the requirement for time consuming notching of cavity barriers on site, and thereby providing a more robust and consistent detail. This has been tested to EN ISO 1363-1:2012 for up to 2 hours integrity and 2 hours insulation, giving a fire performance rating of EI 120.

Learn more about the Siderise Masonry Product Set and the standards they achieve: www.siderise.com/masonry