Protect AluFlash – more than a lead replacement

AluFlash from Protect is a versatile weather flashing material for use in construction. It offers a cost-effective alternative to lead, especially given the recent fluctuation in lead prices. Compatible with brickwork, blockwork and common roof materials such as concrete, clay, slate and metal, it requires no specialist tools or skills to install. Aluminium based, it is environmentally friendly and removes the inherent risk of theft associated with lead. Its high-tack butyl adhesive layer enables it to retain the strength of the substrate as well as preventing wind uplift.

AluFlash is malleable and available in grey and terracotta. It comes in in two finishes: cross-corrugated for moulding over complex shapes such as profiled roof tiles and corner junctions and also embossed, for applications such as pitched roof valleys and soakers. Being non-toxic it is suitable for rainwater harvesting and water trough systems.

AluFlash is supplied in 5m rolls in a variety of widths, minimising wastage and time cutting to size. Unlike lead, no patination oil is required and at less than 2kg, the product is easy to carry. AA fire rated and BM TRADA certified, it is available to buy through merchants and online at

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