Protech VOC Flex, awarded BBA Certification

The A. Proctor Group, renowned for providing high-quality membrane solutions for controlling heat, air and moisture movement in buildings (HAMM), is delighted to announce that its’ Protech VOC Flex high performance membrane has been awarded a BBA Agrément Certificate.

Following extensive research and development, Protech VOC Flex was introduced as a high performance VOC membrane, part of the Group’s comprehensive range of ground gas protection products. Protech VOC Flex is a 6-layer flexible proprietary reinforced VOC gas barrier suitable for use on brownfield sites that require protection from dangerous contaminants such as hydrocarbons.

The BBA Certificate confirms that Protech VOC Flex, in normal circumstances, will remain effective against the ingress of damp and water vapour, and will restrict the ingress of radon, methane, carbon dioxide, hydrocarbons and VOC’s for the lifetime of the building in which it is incorporated.

The endorsement by the UK’s leading construction certification body will provide architects, contractors and engineers with full assurance that the product has been tested to meet the highest industry standards.

Chris Hayes, Ground Protection National Technical Sales Manager for the Group explains:

“with the continued emphasis and urgent need for brownfield development, more is demanded from the systems that are used for ground gas protection. Protech VOC Flex is a high performance membrane that is designed specifically to make the development of brownfield sites safer and easier. In order that designers and installers can have ultimate confidence in barrier membranes, they must consider products which can provide accurate test data and not simply modelled data. Protech VOC Flex has been comprehensively tested and all of the results independently validated. With the addition of the BBA certification specifiers can have total confidence in the product in use.”