Planning minister launches Building for Life website

Back in 2012 the Home Builders Federation (HBF), Cabe at the Design Council and Design for Homes, with the assistance of Nottingham Trent University, relaunched Building for Life (BfL 12).

Based on the National Planning Policy Frame-work and Localism Act, BfL 12 is an industry-led and government endorsed guide to good quality new home and neighbourhood design.

To support the quality design initiative the Planning Minister, Nick Boles MP, has now launched the BfL 12 website. Homebuilders can now upload information about developments with planning approval onto the new website to be validated by a group of design experts.

The resulting Built for Life commendation, if awarded, can then be used to support the marketing of the homes.

Launching the website at Nottingham Trent University, Nick Boles said he was particularly pleased with BfL 12 explaining that:

“Building for Life principles show the importance of good design in creating vibrant places and beautiful buildings and the benefits it can bring in making development acceptable to people living next door. It is an incredibly useful guide for all involved in development and brings big benefits for both builders and buyers.”

The new BfL 12 website – which can be found at – has also been designed to help homebuyers find, as part of their pre-qualification and new home search, high quality new build developments located in the area they want to live.