Pegler’s VSH Tectite – The push fit system for faster connections

VSH Tectite is a world class push fit system incorporating pipe fittings, valves and controls delivering cost savings as a result of its speed of installation technology across a range of materials.

VSH Tectite is a leading push fit system incorporating pipe fittings, valves and controls. It is proven to save time and money on jobs large and small alongside the huge added benefit of no naked flames and a consequent heat free installation. VSH Tectite is highly versatile with a very wide range of fittings available for use within many materials including copper tube, PEX and PB pipe. A further advantage of the VSH Tectite range is the maintenance of electrical continuity which provides an efficient transfer. VSH Tectite valves are designed and manufactured for high performance and longevity coupled with the efficient installation you expect from a Tectite product. Pegler Yorkshire has further raised the bar by being the first manufacturer to achieve the prestigious BSI Kitemark approvals on its range of VSH Tectite valves. Received for its VSH Tectite Classic, Pro and Sprint ranges from 15 to 54mm, it means reliability is instilled within the products to ensure only the highest quality.

Pegler’s Push Fittings Product Manager commented:

“Receiving this endorsement from the world renowned BSI can only serve to reaffirm our commitment to customers for high performance and quality by providing the best products on the market. And, to be the first manufacturer to attain this certification supports our stance of continually pushing the boundaries of connect and control systems and solutions that provide tangible benefits to not only our customers but the built environment as a whole.”

The high level of reliability is again reinforced by the brands engagement and use in many key projects across the country. Some of which include Tower Bridge Magistrates Court in which VSH Tectite multi-layer pipe was used, and at Trinity Square in London where Pegler was approached for a solution and provided the Tectite classic to be utilised.

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