Origin unveils the Soho External Door

The Soho External Door is the first launch in Origin’s new generation of products, setting a higher standard for fenestration excellence.

Tailored Aesthetics

Steel-look design meets unparalleled thermal performance. Fully bespoke, the door allows clients to personalise the glazing bar configuration to create a heritage design with more bars or an industrial/minimalist look with fewer bars. This flexibility ensures that the door fits seamlessly with any residential property style or helps create high-spec commercial spaces.

Durable and Expansive

Crafted from high-grade aluminium, known for being strong yet lightweight, the exterior door supports large expanses of glass with ultra-slim sightlines of just 36mm. This allows lots of natural light into the property and creates a seamless connection between internal and external spaces. Alongside its ability to create a durable and hard-wearing product, aluminium also creates a sleek silhouette which is perfectly suited to modern preferences.

Energy Efficient

Engineered to meet the stringent demands of the UK market, the Soho External Door achieves superior weather ratings and already complies with the 2025 Future Homes Standard. With U-Values as low as 0.8 W/m²K, the new door system ensures optimal energy efficiency without compromising on performance. Superior weathertight seals further guarantee protection against the elements, ensuring rooms maintain comfortable temperatures in all weather conditions.

Safe and Sound

The Soho External Door prioritises security by using Origin’s exclusive 8-point locking system and a 3-Star British Standard Kitemark locking barrel. These features are proven effective in safeguarding against snapping, picking, drilling, and bumping, providing unmatched defence and meet PAS 24:2022 standards.

The Soho External Door is now available on a two-week lead time.

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