Ny and improved stone wool insulation

The ROCKWOOL NyRock® range delivers the most thermally efficient stone wool insulation currently available in the UK and Ireland✝. Discover NyRock

This is Ny and improved stone wool insulation.

  • Low-lambda value of 0.032 W/mK
  • Non-combustible Euroclass A1 reaction-to-fire classification
  • Proven to perform throughout a building’s lifespan*
  • Solutions designed, tested and certified for common building applications**

Powered by patented ROCKWOOL technology, the NyRock range comprises…

NyRock Rainscreen 032 & NyRock Frame Slab 032

A combined solution for external walls, rainscreen and façades.

NyRock Rainscreen 032 >> | NyRock Frame Slab 032 >>

NyRock Cavity Slab 032

Cavity insulation for full and partial-fill applications.

NyRock Cavity Slab 032 >>

Discover NyRock

For product information, specification support and key technical documents across the NyRock range, visit our website. NyRock Solutions

✝ Correct at time of sending, based on publicly available performance data of comparable stone wool products
* FIW (German test and research institute), Durability Project Mineral Wool, 2016
** NyRock Rainscreen 032 is independently tested for acoustic performance, reducing up to Rw 60dB. NyRock Cavity Slab 032 is BBA certified (Certificate 22/6252): stated as sufficiently stable to remain effective as insulation for the life of the building