Nottingham City Homes takes award for best social housing development

Nottingham City Homes is celebrating after winning the award for best social or affordable new housing development at the East Midlands Local Authority Building Control (LABC) Building Excellence Awards 2015.

The awards which were held on 3rd July at the East Midlands Conference Centre, aim to celebrate all that’s good in the construction industry. The judges look for organisations delivering vital elements in the creation of excellent buildings, such as technical innovation, sustainability and high performance.

Nottingham City Homes won the best social or affordable new housing development for the Eddleston Drive development in Clifton which saw the redevelopment of an old communal garage site. A small infill site within an existing community of mixed social and private properties which was redeveloped to accommodate five new family homes.

The five energy efficient homes were the first to be wholly built, owned and subsequently managed by Nottingham City Homes. One of the first ALMOs (Arms Length Management Organisation) to take on such a project, Nottingham City Homes’ craft workers began building five brand new homes on Eddleston Drive in Clifton last year.

Nick King, Site Manager and Nottingham City Homes employee of six years, said:

“Being given the opportunity to design and manage the build of this site has been a hugely rewarding project for myself and everyone else who has worked on the new homes. This award is great recognition for the whole team and the hard work that was invested in this project.”

One of the most outstanding features of this project, is the manner in which this project was funded and paid for. The entire cost came not from Government or Council grants, but entirely from surplus monies generated by the Repairs and Maintenance DLO through efficiencies and improved working practices.

This financial surplus, rather than go back into the Council ‘Pot’ was requested to be used to pay for this ground breaking scheme. NCC agreed and part of the DLO budget surplus has paid for the project cost. As a result, these homes are now directly owned by the ALMO, NCH and the tenure of the new homes does not include a Right to Buy.

Thirty eight tradespeople, including 20 apprentices, built the new energy-efficient family homes which were built and specified not only to current building regulations compliance, but also to achieve Code for Sustainable Homes Level Four.

Nick Murphy, Chief Executive Nottingham City Homes said:

“The quality of work on these homes is testament to the skills and knowledge we already had in our workforce. I’m so proud to say we have also given 20 apprentices the chance to learn their trade on a new-build site, providing them experience they wouldn’t have otherwise had.”