Norbord particleboard for all applications

For general building, carcassing and fitting-out work to top quality flooring, Norbord’s market-leading particleboard has the answer.

Stable, durable and easy to work, Norbord’s Caberboard range extends from the basic Caberboard P1 particleboard for general purpose use to the top-of-the-range Caberdek and Cabershield moisture-resistant flooring panels.

Caberboard is made from high quality wood fibre bonded within a resin matrix to create a strong board that is easy to work with and suitable for a range of applications.

A popular choice for internal linings and fitted furniture, Caberboard P1 and P2 grades are ideal for use in dry applications.

Caberboard P3, a moisture-resistant grade, is commonly used for kitchen worktops.

For flooring applications, Norbord’s Caberfloor P4 and P5 tongue-and-groove panels are designed for use in dry domestic, and humid domestic and commercial applications respectively.

Caberdek and Cabershield flooring systems are both made from P5 particleboard but are finished with a protective plastic film – permanently bonded in the case of Cabershield, but peelable on the Caberdek range – for enhanced performance.

This non-slip surface provides a safe platform for tradesmen working in the building after installation of the floor and will protect the floor panels from dirt and water penetration.

The Caberdek film is simply peeled away when work has finished to reveal a clean floor surface. Cabershield’s permanent plastic film is advised when extra protection is required.

Made at Norbord’s Cowie factory in Scotland, Caberboard particleboard is a cost-effective and sustainable product.

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