NHBC reaction to Ed Miliband’s policy agenda

NHBC’s Chief Executive Mike Quinton said today:

“NHBC welcomes the commitment by Ed Miliband MP in putting housing front and centre of his policy agenda in his final party conference speech before the 2015 General Election. We look forward to working with the Labour Party in the weeks and months ahead on policies to help support the delivery of more high quality new homes.”

Today’s announcement, which pledged to make housing a capital spending priority, shows that housing remains a key political issue and highlights the current shortfall; NHBC registration figures released today for the rolling 12 months (Sept 2013 – August 2014) show 137,500 new homes were registered across the UK.

As the leading warranty and insurance provider for new homes in the UK, NHBC’s monthly registration statistics help to provide new and accurate data on the country’s new homes market. The latest registration figures have revealed the number of new homes in the UK continues to increase on last year’s high volumes.

The latest figures for the rolling quarter (June to August) reveal that 35,621 new homes were registered (26,876 private sector; 8,745 public sector) compared to 33,593 (24,692 private sector; 8,901 public sector) in the corresponding period in 2013 – an increase of 6%.

Overall registration figures for August compared to the same month last year show an increase of 10% (10,742 in 2014; 9,769 in 2013). A total of 8,293 (7,281 in 2013) new homes were registered in the private sector and 2,449 (2,488 in 2013) in the public sector during the month.

With the private sector proving once again to be the main engine of growth, NHBC anticipates that volumes in the public sector will begin to improve once funding is agreed and allocated as part of the second phase of the National Affordable Housing Programme (NAHP).