Newland Homes embarks on first zero carbon scheme

Newland Homes is set to embark on its first Zero Carbon large scale development, after North Somerset Council gave the go-ahead to 32 new sustainable homes in the village of Tickenham, all of which will benefit from solar panels, air source heat pumps and ‘hedgehog highways’.

Outline planning permission was granted for the former garden centre in Tickenham, between Nailsea and Clevedon, in 2017. This latest planning approval confirms the detail of the design and means that Gloucestershire-based developer, Newland Homes, can now start developing the site, with groundworks scheduled to commence this Spring.

Newland Homes has taken up the mantle of delivering more energy efficient new homes at scale, and it hopes that other developers will be quick to follow suit. 32 detached homes will be built, ranging in size from three bed up to five bed properties, all of which will be constructed using the latest technology to help homeowners shrink their carbon footprint. Air source heat pumps will heat homes in lieu of gas boilers and each home will benefit from a significant array of high-performance solar panels to generate electricity. Properties have been orientated to maximise solar gain and constructed with high levels of insulation to deliver significant energy savings.

Jeremy Drew, Developments Director at Newland Homes, comments: “Newland Homes is investing in the future with our first Zero Carbon scheme. It is not a planning requirement, but it is the right thing to do, and is increasingly sought by our customers. This is a major milestone and sets the scene for all of Newland Homes’ coming developments.”

Jeremy continues: “We’re upgrading the ambitions for our properties, so they are more sustainable and economic to run, without compromising on their style, and are future-proofed for both the homeowner and the environment. Our Zero Carbon homes even exceed the Government’s recently trialled Future Homes Standard, currently intended to be rolled out from 2025.”

Alongside the homes, a large wildflower meadow with natural outdoor play equipment will be created. The wildflower meadow will have mown, meandering paths with gravel in a natural style, complemented with a timber trim-trail play space. Newland Homes also plans to create a new woodland area through the planting of one thousand new trees.

Hedgehog highways are small holes in the base of fences, creating ‘highways’ that enable hedgehogs to roam freely. Impenetrable fences interrupt the movement of hedgehogs, which impacts on the health of these most popular and iconic of Britain’s nocturnal mammals, whose numbers have been in a troubling decline.

In addition to the 32 new homes available for private sale, 900 sqms of commercial space is being built by Newland Homes at Tickenham. This will take the form of office and light industrial space.

Catherine Sheppard, Planning Manager for Newland Homes, comments: “This latest consent from the Council is a significant milestone in the journey from plant nursery, to derelict land, through to the creation of a Zero Carbon sustainable new housing development.”

Car charging points for hybrid or fully electric cars will also be pre-wired within the new homes at Tickenham, for customers to fit and take advantage of the Government grant.

The development will make significant S106 contributions, and as agreed with the Local Authority, Newland Homes will provide over £200,000 to support education provision in the local community, and £10,000 to the village hall for repair works, along with other financial contributions. Newland Homes has a policy of using contractors local to its developments, which reduces pollution from travelling and further bolsters the local economy and community.