New Valchromat colours land at Lathams

James Latham has added three new colours to its exclusive range of Engineered Fibreboard, Valchromat, an innovative and award winning material which is already proving extremely popular within the UK shop fitting, education and furniture manufacturing sectors.

With a total of 11 bold and impactful colours now making up the portfolio, including Grey, Black, Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue and Green, Valchromat offers almost limitless decorative applications. Plus, as well as the interior design and furniture making sectors, it’s also proving to be popular option in the children’s sector for both toys and furniture, having been approved by the British Standards Association.

Valchromat is a completely unique fibreboard, in that the colour runs throughout the entire board. This highly effective and impactful result is achieved by adding organic dyes and a specially formulated resin to the wood fibre before pressing.

Andrew Wright, Director of James Latham commented:

“We have a history and expertise in bringing new and innovative products to the UK market and Valchromat ticks all the boxes for us. It has already proved to be extremely popular , not only within the shop fitting and furniture making sectors but also within hospitality, education and commercial interiors as well as for exhibitions. “

In addition to its unique appearance, Valchromat boasts a number of time and cost saving features and benefits; It’s easy and quick to finish – no edging is required – and being moisture and UV resistant, non- toxic and load resistant, the possibilities for use are endless. Plus, scratches and marks on the finished product go largely unnoticed because the colour runs evenly throughout the board.

Valchromat is available in the following board sizes; 2500mm x 1850mm/1250mm and in 8mm, 12mm, 16mm, 19mm, 25mm and 30mm thicknesses.

James Latham now offers one of the UK’s widest ranges of innovative surface solutions – all available from one supplier – and directly from stock at all nine of its nationwide panel distribution sites.

All wood used in the manufacture of Valchromat is FSC certified and is sourced from forest waste, residue from timber mills, pine and recycled pine.