New score & snap tile backer board from Euroform

A new, lightweight, ‘score & snap’ tile backer board has been launched by construction materials supplier Euroform. Named ‘Easyboard®’, the fibre cement board is designed for use in areas of high moisture, such as kitchens and bathrooms, and has secured an A1 non-combustible rating.

Easyboard®‘s ‘score & snap’ nature is an innovative development for a tile backer board – it is scored easily with a traditional utility knife and snapped to size without the use of specialist cutting equipment.  In addition, its relative lightweight (approx. 13 Kg per 800mm x 1200mm sheet) means that it can be lifted and fitted by a single installer or DIY user.

Easyboard® has been classified A1 “non-combustible” according to (BS) EN 13501-1.

Manufacture is via a unique process, combining Ordinary Portland Cement with a reinforcing matrix, that enhances workability and handling over traditional fibre cement boards.

Available in 12.5mm thickness Easyboard® is inorganic, making it very dimensionally stable compared with traditional wood-based boards.

Commenting on the new product, Mark Atkinson, Euroform’s national commercial manager, said,

“Easyboard® is lightweight and a handy size for a single person to install. Its workability, with its ease of cutting, is a significant improvement over traditional tile backer boards.  Competitive pricing is also going to make it an attractive new alternative.”

Easyboard® is only available from Euroform.

A video demonstrating the ease with which Easyboard® can be cut via the ‘score & snap’ method can be seen at:

Euroform recommends Easyboard® is installed in brick bond fashion with a flexible adhesive used when placing tiles.  It can be used as a wall tile or floor tile substrate.

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Euroform has been developing, fabricating and supplying materials for the construction industry since 1995.  Euroform specialises in ensuring fire and thermal compliance across its product range.  Each product is supported by an experienced and knowledgeable technical team to provide advice and guidance.  Based at Warrington, Euroform is part of Performance Technology Group an SIG Trading Ltd group of companies specialising in supporting the construction industry to meet acoustic, fire, thermal and vibration challenges.